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The Ruby Connector

The Ruby Connector - FREE!

Here you can download a copy of our free .NET-to-Ruby widget, The Ruby Connector...

The Ruby Connector is a drag-and-drop control which enables .NET programs to communicate with Ruby programs.

Here the Ruby Connector is used to connect a Visual C# front-end application to a back-end Ruby program...

Using the Ruby Connector, you can...
- Create visual front-ends to Ruby programs using the Visual Studio form designer
- Interact with the Ruby interpreter in your own applications in much the same way as you can interact with the Ruby Console in Ruby In Steel
- Start or stop the Ruby interpreter at will and pass expressions from your .NET program to be evaluated by Ruby
- Create ‘hybrid’ applications in which a .NET program runs simultaneously with a Ruby program and data is exchanged from one to the other

Zip - 797 kb
Download Ruby Connector

The Ruby Connector comes with a comprehensive PDF manual and tutorial plus a number of ready-to-run sample projects.

The Ruby Connector is free for personal and commercial use (please read the license agreement which is included in the Zip download). It can be used with standard installations of Visual Studio and does not require Ruby In Steel (though, naturally, Ruby In Steel would be highly advantageous when developing for Ruby!).

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