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Screenshots of Ruby In Steel

An overview of the Ruby In Steel IDE


This page contains screenshots highlighting a few of the features of the Ruby In Steel Developer Edition...

For ’live action’ demos, see also the Ruby In Steel Online Movies

Click the images to show a larger picture in a separate browser window. If this does not work with your browser you may right-click the text link under each picture and select ’Open in New Window’.

Visual Rails

Integrated coding and drag-and-drop visual design for Rails applications. Full page pixel-perfect layout with auto-translation between HTML and Rails-format ERb/RHTML templates.

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Syntax coloring, code folding, block comment/uncomment, quick-find class and method combos over the editor, tabbed and split-window editing, auto-expand snippets, error underlining (’squigglies’) and much more...

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Or, if you prefer a ’clean screen’ editor, just press Shift+Alt+Enter to view the editor full screen...

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The super-fast Cylon debugger for Ruby and Rails debugging with breakpoints, ’drill-down’ watch variables, call-stack, locals, autos, step-into and step over...

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Rails Development

Integrated database tools, a dockable web browser, handy script-running dialogs, New Rails Project wizard, import existing Rails projects, RHTML coloring and one-click debugging...

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Real IntelliSense for Ruby at last! Syntax, context and scope-sensitive auto-completion and parameter lists. Not to mention on-the-fly RDoc help in Visual Studio tooltips...

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