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Author Topic: Latest 'Edge' Release (Feb, 2010, Build 0.836)  (Read 7306 times)
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« on: December 23, 2009, 05:20:21 AM »

There is a new beta (interim or 'edge' release) available from here: HERE
This is release 0.836
Date of release: 17 February, 2010

For more information on this build, see here:

Principal New Features:
- Styles displayed in the Designer
- ‘{Go Live}’ mode to activate controls and styles (as in a running application)
- Expanded style support includes colour pickers for setting solid colours or gradients
- ‘Code Behind’ now fully supported
- New Flex projects ActionScript code-behind file by default for MXML documents
- User-defined Comments now supported

In addition, bug fixes and improvements have been made throughout the system. These include improvements to IntelliSense, code completion and refactoring.

Known Deficiencies: Amethyst is still in beta and the full range of features has not yet been implemented. Note that there are some known limitations of the new features in this ‘edge’ release. These include: Styles deleted in the Styles palette do not delete the styles in the Designer (fix: close and reopen the Designer to refresh the styles); Comments may not be removed from the Task List when a project is closed; 3rd party and AIR controls not supported in the Designer.

Component Manager: You sill see that a new ‘Component Manager’ tool is available from the {Amethyst} menu. This tool will, in a later build, allow you to add or configure Flex components in the Visual Studio Toolbox. The Component Manager is not fully implemented in the current build and is primarily intended for internal use by the Amethyst developers.

Information on the previous (January 2100) Build

The major features in this release relate to the Amethyst 'Cylon' debugger. For example, the ability to debug multiple SWFs at once plus improved evaluation and IntelliSense in the Watch windows and the ability to change the values of variables while debugging. For guidance to using these features be sure to look in on The Blog in the coming weeks as we shall be adding some tutorials.

Principal new features:

- Auto-attach to debug multiple SWFs simultaneously
- IntelliSense now available inside the Watch window
- You can now set variable values in Watch window or hovering debug tips
- Improved expression evaulator in Watch window
- Preliminary support for Application properties in the Amethyst Designer
- New Flash/AIR project type
- completion for 'trace' is fixed (no longer completes with class name, Trace)
- various other auto-completion errors fixed
- renaming of 'switch' selectors fixed (refactoring)
- Find all references now distinguishes between Constructor and Class
- Format selection bug fixed

This adds to the features of the previous 'edge' release (see below)...

The main feature of this release is to support  integration with the Flash IDE. However, there are several other improvements. The main new features are:
1)   Integration with the Flash CS4 IDE (or CS3)
2)   MXML states
3)   Cut/Copy/Paste of controls in the Designer
4)   Code behind in MXML Editor (in Solution Explorer, select Add | New Item |MXML/AS file to create an MXML file with a code behind .as file in which event-handler methods - e.g. for button_click - will be placed).
This is an interim beta, and its main purpose is to get feedback on the Flash IDE integration. You can post suggestions/comments/bugs here or send them to our support e-mail address. Because it is an interim beta, it hasn't been as well tested as our other 'official' betas.

To test the Flash IDE integration, you need to import a project into Visual Studio. To do this follow the following steps:
1)   Open Visual Studio and select File | New | Amethyst Project Importer. In the drop-down list select 'Convert Flash IDE project in original location' and then click Next.
2)   Browse to the directory containing the .FLA file(s) of your Flash IDE project. Then select a Project name. Click Next.
3)   Click Finish on the next screen.

If all goes well, a new Amethyst 'Flash' project will be created. You should see a new folder 'FLA Documents' with the original .fla file highlighted in bold (you can have more than one FLA document here, but only one at a time can be built. If there is more than one, right click on the item and select 'Set As Main File'). If you now click Build Solution, you should see the Flash IDE launched to compile your Flash project. If it builds successfully, F5 should launch the resulting SWF file in a browser. 

For debugging, you will need to set the Flash IDE to compile for debugging: in the Flash IDE in Publish Settings, ensure that 'Permit Debugging' is set.
By default, the Amethyst searches for the Flash IDE in the location on disk where the Adobe installer has put it. You can alter this setting by going to Tools | Options | Projects and Solutions | Amethyst  and changing the Flash IDE setting.

The edge releases are not as fully tested as full betas. For the last 'full beta' see here:
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Huw Collingbourne
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« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2009, 05:32:51 AM »

There's also a bit more information on the Blog:
Huw Collingbourne
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« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2010, 09:53:00 AM »

Latest edge beta released today. I've updated the post at the top of this thread with the essential details and the new download link.
Eric Shellef
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« Reply #3 on: September 14, 2010, 03:04:44 AM »


You mentioned MXML states support.
How is this used? Is there a states view like in Flex builder?

Huw Collingbourne
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« Reply #4 on: September 14, 2010, 03:56:57 AM »

The states support mentioned above was developed for Flex 3. States are selected from a drop-down in the Amethyst Layout toolbar. Shortly before the launch of Amethyst, Adobe released Flex 4 (along with VS2010 which was released at about the same time) required a substantial amount of recoding in order to allow Amethyst to provide both Flex 3 and Flex 4 support in our VS2008/2010 products. While Amethyst now supports most Flex 4 features, Flex 4 state-switching in the Designer is still available only for Flex 3. We will, of course, continue to enhance Flex 4 support and when we are ready to make announcements of new or improved features we'll do so here in the forum and on the blog.

best wishes

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