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Title: Amethyst in the News - feel free to comment!
Post by: Huw Collingbourne on August 26, 2010, 04:34:34 AM
This thread lists some of the main online coverage of Amethyst...

Amethyst 2

Ben Forta (Adobe)


Dr Dobb's

Unocero (Spanish)

Amethyst 1.5
Dr Dobb's

Amethyst 1.0

Ben Forta, Adobe's Director of Platform Evangelism on Amethyst's mobile tools (April 2011):

Visual Studio Magazine - review (Feb 2011)

Tim Anderson's ITWriting - a first look at Amethyst

I Programmer - News Story on Amethyst

Dr Dobb's - News Story on Amethyst

Infoworld - News Story on Amethyst
(this story also on Reuters)
(and IT World)
(and Computer World)

OSZone - news story (in Russian)

heise Developer (in German)

Le Monde Informatique (in French)

Marco Casario - well-known Flex author and blogger

Flash and Flex Developer's Magazine, September 2010 (free pdf download - lots of in-depth coverage of Amethyst)

Ben Forta - Adobe Director of Platform Evangelism

MicroGeek (Russian language computer technology site)

InfoQ (short interview about Amethyst)
InfoQ (Chinese edition)
InfoQ (Brazil, Portuguese) (Chinese)

Flex-Tutorial (French site, news item)

(Adobe Platform Evangelist, Piotr Walczyszyn)

Flex Developer's Journal

On SapphireSteel's Technical Partnership with The Midnight Coders
Marco Casario's Blog

Computer Weekly

Visual Studio Magazine (a long discussion thread)

best wishes