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Title: Amethyst RC3
Post by: Dermot on August 17, 2010, 06:59:54 AM
This is our third (and hopefully final) Release Candidate. Both VS2008 and VS2010 editions are included (in separate zips).

The Visual Studio 2008 version is (

The Visual Studio 2010 version is (

The bugs and issues reported in RC2 that have been fixed are:

1) Include Files was not displayed on a folder that was not part of the project when Show All Files was active.

2) Data vanished when using Locals window and switching to hex display.

3) Double click on an FLA node now starts the Flash IDE.

4) Debug  | 'Start new instance' fixed (again).

5) Imports being added unnecessarily fixed (second attempt).

6) Fixed minor problem with empty completion lists in VS2010 (displayed an error message which had no effect).

7) Fixed undo deleting the initial buffer text in VS2010.

8 ) CTRL-SHIFT-F displays the selected text in the 'Find What' field.