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Title: Amethyst RC2
Post by: Dermot on August 10, 2010, 09:35:17 AM
This is our second Release Candidate. Both VS2008 and VS2010 editions are included (in separate zips).

The Visual Studio 2008 version is (

The Visual Studio 2010 version is (

We've fixed most (hopefully all) of the bugs and issues reported in RC1:

1) TAB on indenting a selection fired the snippet completor.

2) Start New Instance (Project context menu |Debug | Start New Instance) now starts the selected project.

3) The Amethyst console is not now displayed when debugging is started.

4) A couple of minor problems with the AIR templates.

5) Imports being added unnecessarily in some circumstances.

6) Reformat of paste with incomplete block comments ('/*') produced incorrect formatting.

7) MSBuild now references libraries for Flash projects.

8 ) Removed spurious 'check for updates'.

9) Several minor Formatter problems.

10) MSBuild no longer deletes all SWF and SWC in the output directory on Rebuild/Clean.

11) Added two color schemes for fonts (ProgramData/SapphireSteel Software/Amethyst 20xx/*.vssettings).

12) Goto Definition on a property (getter/setter) did not work.

13) Object comparision in the debugger (i.e. o1 == o2) did not work.

14) Changing a variable in the debugger (setting a string variable did not dispaly the new value even though the new value had been set in the AVM).