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Ruby and .NET - Making a Connection (The Ruby Connector)

Ruby Connector Demo Movie

Watch a short (10 minute) movie which provides a quick guide to using the .NET Ruby Connector with a front end designed using C# and the Visual Studio form designer to communicate with a Ruby program at the ‘back end’. The movie explains what you need to do to pass expressions from .NET to Ruby and have Ruby return replies to be displayed by your Visual Studio application.

- Watch The Ruby Connector Movie

The Ruby Connector will connect any Visual Studio .NET language such as C#, VB.NET or Chrome Pascal to the standard Ruby interpreter (ruby.exe). It is unrelated to the IronRuby form designer (more info HERE) which we are developing for use with Microsoft’s .NET Ruby compiler. The Ruby Connector can be used to create visual user interfaces for your Ruby programs or to connect .NET and Ruby programs in such a way that data can be passed between them and expressions evaluated by Ruby.

The Ruby Connector is a free drag-and-drop component from SapphireSteel Software. You don’t need a copy of Ruby in Steel to use it (though, naturally, your Ruby development will benefit greatly if you do have a copy). It comes with a comprehensive manual and tutorial and a set of ready-to-run sample projects.

- Ruby Connector Download Page

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