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Learn Ruby In Steel With Movies

Screencast Tutorials

Follow these short tutorial screencasts which guide you step by step through some of the essential features of Ruby In Steel.

- Setup a New Ruby Project from Scratch
This movie goes through the basic steps of creating a Ruby project, adding code and running a program in the docked Ruby Console.

- Creating and Designing A Basic Rails Application
In this movie we build a simple Ruby On Rails Blog and do some basic design using the Visual Rails Workbench. Be sure to read the notes beneath the movie for further guidance.

- Drag and Drop Design in the Visual Rails Workbench
How to add an image that appears at both design-time and runtime and how to drag and drop a data-aware text field and ‘wire it up’ to the Rails model.

- The ’Cylon’ Debugger - an introduction
Breakpoints, step into/over and out of code, drill-down into complex variables in the Editor, Watch, Locals and Immediate windows and use the Call Stack.

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