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Adventure Game

How to write an object oriented text adventure in ActionScript

Here you can download the code archives to accompany my Flash & Flex Developers’ Magazine tutorials.

The zip file contains the code of my articles for Flash & Flex Developer’s Magazine. You may use this with any appropriate editor or IDE.

The projects are explained in the following issues of FFD Mag...

- part one: The basics (February, 2011)
- part two: ByteArrays to save/load objects (March, 2011)
- part three: Structuring the class hierarchy (April, 2011)
- part four: convert to Flash, deploy to Android (May, 2011)

For the convenience of Amethyst users, the projects are ready-bundled as Visual Studio 2010 Solutions. If you are using Amethyst for VS 2008, you will need to convert or import the projects using the Project Importer Wizard (from the File menu).

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