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Ruby In Steel Road Map

The route towards ’Yellow Fire’ (Ruby In Steel Developer 1.5)

Updated: February 2010

In May 2006, we published a development Road Map leading towards the first release of Ruby In Steel Developer (code name, ‘Red Fire’) in January 2007. This Road Map shows the steps which we took from the early releases right up to version 1.5 of Ruby In Steel Developer (code name, ‘Yellow Fire’). For a detailed history of the software development to date, see the Changelog.

The Path to ‘Yellow Fire’ (Ruby In Steel Developer 1.5)

- Vista Support
- More IntelliSense...

1.1 (June 2007)
- Fixes to problems reported by users and various small changes
- Thread-safe debugger
- Expanded documentation
- Dockable Rake window
- Dockable Generate window

1.1.5 (4th quarter 2007) Rails Developer
- RHTML snippets
- Dockable RDOC window
- Dockable IRB console
- Dockable Rails console
- Dockable Script console
- Selectable Ruby (interpreter/compiler) targets
- Enhanced RHTML editor
- View/Controller quick-jump
- Ruby Connector (lets .NET apps communicate with Ruby)
- Major improvements to Rails IntelliSense

1.2 (1st quarter 2008) Visual Rails Developer
- Visual Web Page Designer for Rails
- Rails Navigation Explorer

1.3 (September, 2008)
- IntelliSense Librarian
- Rails Database IntelliSense
- Configuration-Dependent Property Pages

1.4 (January, 2009)
- TODO comments in Task List
- User Comments in Task List

1.5 (2010)
- Updates/additions including updated JRuby support

Here is our original Road Map, culminating in version 1.0 of Ruby In Steel Developer

The Road To ’Red Fire’

This is an outline of the major features in each release of Steel:

0.5 April 2006 Editing
- Code colouring
- Code collapsing
- Integrated interactive console
- Commenting/uncommenting
- Bracket matching/location
- Project Manager (tree view pane)
- Syntax errors - click to find

0.6 June 2006 Debugging
- Breakpoints
- drag/drop watch variables
- step into/step over
- autos window
- locals window
- call stack
- interactive debug console

0.7 July Ruby On Rails support
- Rails (rhtml) colouring and code collapsing
- Rails project management in Solution Explorer
- Rails New Project Wizard
- Import existing Rails projects
- Import Ruby Solutions from older versions of Steel
- Open Command Prompt in selected directory
- Build/Rebuild checks project-wide syntax
- Rails Toolbar and Menu
- Generate Controller/Model/Scaffold/Other
- Integrated SQL Server development
- Additional Configuration Options
- Pass flags to Ruby.exe
- File properties
- Project Properties

0.75 August
- Debugger: Rails support
- Significantly improved Ruby code colouring
- Improved Rails (RHTML) code colouring
- Improved code collapsing
- ’Collapse To Definitions’ implemented
- Optionally bypass Rails database creation (select ’None’)
- Improved software installation

Note: 0.75 is the last major public beta of the Personal Edition of Ruby In Steel. We shall continue to refine and extend the existing features leading to version 1.0 of Ruby In Steel Personal Edition early in 2007.

0.76 September
- Selectively omit hidden files and directories when importing projects
- Selectively omit files with specific extensions when importing
- Selectively omit hidden files and directories when synchronizing
- More checking to ensure success of synchronization and Project Importing

Ruby In Steel Developer Edition

The features in 0.8 plus...

0.8 October
- IntelliSense member completion
- IntelliSense drop down combo boxes in Editor
- RDoc QuickInfo tooltips
- Smart Indenting
- Snippets
- Ruby Explorer

0.9 November
- Fast Debugging
- Debugger: Expression expansion (‘drill down’)
- IntelliSense Parameter Info
- Underline errors in editor
- IntelliSense Goto Definition

0.95 December
- Extend and refine existing features

Version 1.0 – code name ‘Red Fire’
January 2007
Released in two editions:
- The Personal Edition
Has all the features up to 0.75 plus various minor additions and bug fixes.
- The Developer Edition
Has all the features shown to 0.95 above.

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