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Ruby In Steel Developer Edition Changelog

Software update history

Here we list the main changes and additions to releases of Ruby In Steel DE.

Registered users of Ruby In Steel Developer may download all updates to Ruby In Steel 1.x at no additional charge.

Ruby in Steel 1.5

Ruby In Steel DE 01.5.826
8th February, 2009
- JCylon Debugger updated to JRuby 1.4
- Numerous fixes/improvemnets to code coloring
- Fix to registration bug (to upgrade Trial to Commercial edition)
- Minor IntelliSense and Debugging errors fixed

Ruby in Steel 1.4

Ruby In Steel DE 01.4.554
26th January, 2009
- TODO comments in Task List
- User Comments in Task List
- TODO Refresh (add all comments from project to Task List)
- Fixes for some minor code coloring issues
- Fixes to View/Controller navigation in non-standard folders
- Fixes to a number of minor debugger/project management issues
- SQLite option added to Rails Database Wizard
- Minor changes to support Rails 2.2

Ruby in Steel 1.3

Ruby In Steel DE 01.03.0495
3rd September, 2008
- IntelliSense Librarian
- Rails Database IntelliSense
- Improved Rails IntelliSense
- Configuration-Dependent Property Pages
- Updated Help and Manual
- Numerous minor big-fixes and improvements

Ruby in Steel 1.2

Ruby In Steel DE 01.02.0435
21st April, 2008

Visual Rails Workbench
- Full page editing of complete web pages (composites of Rails layouts/views/partials)
- Drag and Drop design - add controls from a toolbox
- Set properties using the Property panel
- Resize and move controls using mouse or keyboard
- Split view code/form editing
- Toggle ERb/RHTML editing between HTML editor and Rails (Ruby-aware) editor
- Round-tripping between ‘web format’ HTML and ‘Rails format’ ERb/RHTML
- Edit code as ERb/RHTML or as HTML
- Document Navigator navigates document structure (HTML)/or methods (ERB/Ruby)
- Quick navigation between controller and view
- Import/Export to other web page design tools such as Dreamweaver
- Save/restore named ‘versions’ of page designs to/from an archive of work in progress
- Auto-backup of changes to templates
- Support for Rails 1 and Rails 2

Enhanced ‘Cylon’ Debugger
- Tracepoints
- Conditional breakpoints
- Break on hitcount
- Run macro on break
- Break on exception
- Autos window user-configuration
- Dynamic debugging (evaluate code and change variable values on the fly)

- JRuby Support (fast JRuby debugger - ‘JCylon’)
- IronRuby support (alpha) including form designer

Ruby In Steel 1.1.5

Ruby In Steel DE 01.01.0375
20th December, 2007
- Faster loading and synchronization of large projects (> 2,000 files)

Ruby In Steel DE 01.01.0370
10th December, 2007
- Support for Visual Studio 2008 (or VS 2005)
- Multiple small bug fixes and improvements

Ruby In Steel DE 01.01.0344
29th October, 2007
- Now supports Rails templates with the .erb extension.
- The Immediate window can be used when stopped at a breakpoint.
- Console/Toolwindow positions are persisted.
- Ruby Console non-writability when debugging is fixed.
- Font cache is cleared on re-installing (fixes incorrect coloring).
- Bracket matching bug (with nested curly bracket blocks/hashes) fixed

Ruby In Steel DE 01.01.0341
22nd October, 2007
- Greatly improved Rails IntelliSense
- Tabbed (Common/All) Code Completion Lists
- Optionally omit ancestor classes from code completion
- Optionally provide IntelliSense while debugging
- Quick navigate between Controller/View
- Docked Rails Console
- Docked IRB Console
- Docked Script Console
- Docked context-sensitive RDOC window
- ERb (RHTML) Snippets
- Collapsible Regions
- ‘Virtual Space’ editing support
- Click-to-open ‘required’ files
- Choose Debug/Run Ruby targets (interpreters/compilers)
- Ruby Connector .NET component
- Optional keyword...end completion
- Optionally set files to read-only when debugging
- Optional auto-format code after ‘end’
- Debug into embedded Ruby (RHTML)
- Beta edition for VS2008 released

Ruby In Steel 1.1

Ruby In Steel DE
6th June, 2007
- New dockable Generate toolwindow
- New dockable Rake toolwindow
- Expanded manual (pdf)
- Rewritten integrated help
- F5 Debugs Rails applications
The following bugs are now fixed in this release
- Virtual Space does not work
- Error (and warning) list not cleared when project is closed
- Drag/Drop in Solution Explorer does not work correctly
- Can’t select item in completion list using mouse
- private methods of Kernel shown in completion lists
- cursor moves to end of line under some circumstances
- extend.self does not work as expected
- Call stack seems to be "one out"
- Add New Item needs an ’Add As Link’ option
- Ruby files sometimes do not load correctly in C# projects
- Hover over x(a) in the debugger tries to evaluate x with the incorrect number of arguments
- Uninitialized class variables cause Class Variables not to be displayed in Autos window
- Ruby Explorer displays incorrect object tree
- Debug tooltips over methods show "wrong number of arguments" error message
- Debugger does not work under x64 o/s
- Step Into/Step Out in debugger does not always work correctly
- Hover when debugging does not display tooltip
- IntelliSense not functioning when debugger is active
- Classes missing in completion lists
- Class variables missing from Autos window
- Cylon crashes if too many threads are created
- Ruby files not coloured as Ruby when in another language project (e.g. C#)
- Add New Ruby Project to existing solution (e.g. C#) not working
- Autos (instance vars) not shown for Rails
- Username is missing in database.yml file
- The Conversion Assistant adds \config and \script folders
- Format Document omits last line
- New Ruby Console - gets() reads whole line not just input
- Two formatting bugs: Lines with =end on them get indented; Lines with =end on them get indented
- Local vars not in completion list
- Numeric mixins don’t give IntelliSense with numbers
- Synchronise button shows up in Solution Explorer for C++ projects
- Locals Windows crashes Cylon
- Vars in Watch and Locals window have different values when using call stack (should work like C#)
- Hover drilldown in console sometimes produces ’warning: parenthesize argument(s) for future version’
- Automatic formatting messes up when program contains a complete if/then/else on one line
- Deleted folders come back again on project reload (but they are deleted on disk)
- Mark and format not working under some circumstances
- Debuggers do not stop at breakpoint which is set on first line
- Paste does not SmartIndent paste buffer
- Ctrl-1 and Ctrl-2 still active in non-Ruby projects (e.g. C#)
- Comment block highlight is not always correct
- Bracket highlighting does not occur when the cursor is positioned by the mouse

Ruby In Steel 1.0

Ruby In Steel DE
30th March, 2007

- Debugger handles unlimited threads
- Drill down (watched variables etc.) works better
- Call stack improved
- Ability to step into dynamic code (evaluate strings as code) in debugger
- Debugger works in x64 O/S
- Hover/drill-down data tips in code editor
- Ruby code colouring works in a mixed language projects (e.g. a Ruby files in a C# project)
- Project import problem (time-out) fixed
- Solution Explorer handles file-drag/drop/cut/paste etc.
- Much faster IntelliSense
Plus: Numerous minor improvements to debugging, IntelliSense, Solutions/Project management and editing.

Ruby In Steel DE
22nd February, 2007

- Cylon debugger: now stable for multi-threaded applications. WEBrick and Mongrel now supported.
- IntelliSense now uses Ruby Library Paths for the Project Properties page to find ‘require’ files. So if, for example, you add C:\Program Files\Ruby\lib to the Ruby Library Paths, then the line require "pp" will resolve the pp.rb file.
- Several minor IntelliSense improvements and fixes have been made.
- IntelliSense class assignment now works.
- IntelliSense accessors now work better
- Bracket matching on do/end has been fixed.
- Vista Registry virtualisation problem resolved
- Debugger watch/locals window now displays complex Ruby data structures correctly
- Several fixes to Ruby parsing and colorization have been made.
- Ruby console can now be colored (for example, green lettering on a black background.

Ruby In Steel DE
3rd February, 2007

- Update for Windows Vista support.

Ruby In Steel DE
29th January, 2007

- First release of Ruby In Steel Developer.

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