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Ruby In Steel Developer Pre-Sales Information

Information on Ruby In Steel Developer
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Ruby In Steel Developer is the ultimate Ruby development environment for Ruby programming professionals. Fully integrated with Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2005, Ruby In Steel Developer provides a powerful suite of Ruby and Rails tools including state-of-the-art IntelliSense and a blazingly fast debugger.

- Editing

Ruby In Steel Developer provides fully customisable color coding for both Ruby and RHTML; it has sophisticated code folding features which operate not only on ‘top level’ structures such as classes and methods but also on Ruby code constructs such as loops and blocks; it supports tabbed, docked and floating documents, split-screen editing, multi-level undo/redo, block comment/uncomment, bookmarks, bracket-matching and macros.

- IntelliSense

Ruby In Steel has unparalleled IntelliSense features. While other Ruby environments offer drop-down selection lists, none offers the ‘intelligent type inference’ features of Ruby In Steel. Code completion is scope sensitive; drop-down lists shows members appropriate to the specific types of each object, taking into account both inheritance and inclusion (mixins). You can even add IntelliSense features to methods with ambiguous return types using Ruby In Steel’s exclusive ‘type assertion’ mechanism.

- Debugging

Ruby In Steel’s ‘Cylon’ debugger lets you debug your Ruby programs at close to normal (non-debugging) execution speeds. Cylon works with a standard Ruby interpreter – no ‘special’ or modified version required. It supports breakpoints, drag-and-drop watch variables, call stack navigation, step-into/step-over and a powerful ‘drill down’ object inspector. You can debug your Rails programs too with Ruby In Steel’s one-click Rails debugger. Professional developers expect professional quality debugging; and that’s just what Cylon gives you.

- Project Management

Whether you are starting a new project from scratch or importing an existing project, Ruby In Steel has the tools to make the process painless. There are even wizards to help you set up the database and YAML files for Rails applications. All the resulting files and folders are automatically added to the Solution Explorer and you can add more files with just a few clicks of the mouse.

- Productivity Tools

Use the built-in dialogs to run scripts, generate models, controllers and scaffolds, run a server and install Gems. For code and document navigation, you can use the new Ruby Explorer. Auto-format an entire code file or a selected block. And for instant help, just hover the mouse over a class or method name and Ruby’s RDoc documentation will pop up in a Visual Studio tooltip.

These are just a few of the features in the Ruby In Steel Developer Edition.

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Minimum Requirements: Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition or above; Windows XP (service pack 2).

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