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What People Are Saying

A few views from the press and online...

"This is an awesome way to leverage the Visual Studio IDE while enjoying the comfort of coding in Ruby and using the Rails framework"
Anand Iyer (Microsoft Developer Evangelist)

Comments In The Press and On The Blogs…

"Ruby In Steel is particularly interesting to developers coming over from the Microsoft world as Visual Studio is a familiar environment to them. That’ll likely ease the transition."
InfoWorld David Heinemeier Hansson

"The launch of a low-cost Ruby on Rails integrated development environment from SapphireSteel Software based on Microsoft’s Visual Studio comes at a turning point for both the Ruby language and its associated Rails framework."
The Register Phil Manchester

"Ruby in Steel already offers state-of-the-art support for Ruby and Rails in Visual Studio."
InfoQ Werner Schuster

"It is ’en vogue’ among Rails builders to use Mac OS X, but the advantages of the integrated Rails IDE were compelling enough that I now use Ruby In Steel in a virtual machine on the Mac."
Jan M Faber of SuperSaas

"Ruby In Steel is amazing, and I consider it the first really world class Ruby IDE."
Here’s The Deal (technology blog)

"Ruby in Steel’s superior implementation of code completion, navigation and dialogs for Rails, Gems and Rake combine with Visual Studio’s project-oriented model to create a compelling system for larger-scale Ruby development, especially Rails-based."
SD Times (Larry O’Brien)
"Review: Ruby Reaches Big Leagues With Two IDEs"

"...a great development environment in Windows is Visual Studio .NET 2005 and combine that with a great add-in for Ruby development from Sapphire in Steel Software called Ruby in Steel and you have a great Ruby and Ruby on Rails development environment... Ruby in Steel is a wonderful tool."
Accidental Technologist Robert Bazinet (technology blog)

"Dreams do come true - have you seen Sapphire in Steel? This is an awesome way to leverage the Visual Studio IDE while enjoying the comfort of coding in Ruby and using the Rails framework."
Anand Iyer (Microsoft Developer Evangelist)

"Any serious professional Ruby developer who has a copy of Visual Studio 2005 Professional or above should at least try out Ruby in Steel Developer. If you’re like me, the asking price will seem cheap for the combination of the fast debugging and the great IntelliSense support."
InfoWorld (Martin Heller)
"Review: Ruby in Steel proves a speedy debugger"

"…the important thing is this: these guys don’t come from the school of web scripting hackery in vi, they come from the land of building real enterprise applications, where real tool support is appreciated. And at this point in the Ruby IDE game, I’d place my bets on them to produce the first truly useful development tool."
Joseph Moore (professional software developer)

"I just found Steel and am no longer editing Ruby in (gasp) notepad.”
Don Box (Microsoft Software Architect)

"Wow this is so cool. Just what I wanted. Ruby on Rails with a decent IDE. Christmas has come very early !!”
Posted on MSDN Forum

"I was so impressed by the potential of this IDE that I plunked down for copy of Visual Studio 2005 just so I could run it…"
Mark Carey (Ruby developer)

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