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Ruby In Steel 2 Release History

And ’edge’ editions

Here you can read details of any changes and additions made to builds of Ruby In Steel 2. You may also download interim (’edge’) builds of Ruby In Steel 2 when available...

Ruby In Steel 2 was launched on 2nd August 2011 (see announcement). Download the latest official build from the Ruby In Steel 2 Download Page.

Latest ’Edge’ Release

Note that ’edge’ releases address bugs and issues reported in the official release and may make other minor modifications or improvements. They are not as fully tested as the official releases and should be regarded as experimental.

- There is no ’edge’ release currently.

Build 2.0.1 (1280) 5th December

Bugs fixed in build 1280

I747 F5 not visible when a .erb file had the focus
I748 Debugger looped in large Rails projects
I749 Rails Intellisense was broken by the new Ruby 1.9 ’json: @posts’ syntax

Build 2.0.1 (1271) 14th November


1) The synchronization between RubyType and the ruby interpreter has been improved so that a type mismatch (debugger failing to load, etc.) is minimised.
2) JRuby 1.6.4 for Rails 3.3.1 has problems with SQLite3 - it cannot build the Gem - when running under Windows.
3) Ruby 1.9.3 is supported
4) Improved handling of exceptons by the debugger (1.9.2 and above)

Bugs fixed in build 1271

I746 boot processing should be enabled in webrick_service.rb
I747 F5 not visible when a .erb file had the focus

Bugs fixed in build 1258

I736 File glyphs in Solution Explorer sometime have a warning symbol (when there is no extension)
I737 The Ruby type should be displayed as well as the Ruby Interpreter field in the Application tab
I738 JRuby debugger needs to have the path to SteelCylon explicitly set in the command environment
I739 RubyType should not be visible in default options
I740 Check for updates produced the wrong information
I741 Debugger did not break if the breakpoint was on the first line
I742 SQLite3 should be the default option when creating a new Rails project
I743 ’.gitkeep’ should be in the list of extensions that are excluded from the project by default
I744 ’Exclude files with no extension’ should be set to false by default (for Rakefile and Gemfile)
I745 ’Just in time’ debugging did not work for Ruby 1.9.2

Build 2.0.1 (1248) 12th September, 2011
Minor changes

Build 2.0.1 (1239) 3rd September, 2011

Bugs fixed...
1) Array debug display problem (an array of arrays did not display correctly in the debugger)
2) command routing problem (F5 didn’t work properly for Rails under some circumstances)
3) Gem command now works correctly
4) Default Rails script can now be changed (it did not get persisted when the options were saved)
5) Default Rails script location corrected

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