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Where To Begin...?

...and what to do next.

So you’ve downloaded Ruby In Steel and now you want to start developing some applications - but where do you begin? Here is some guidance on where to look for more information...

Useful Folders On Disk
Extra documentation is located in the Documentation directory under your Ruby In Steel Installation.
The default location of this directory is:
C:\Program Files\SapphireSteel Software\Ruby In Steel\v1.0\Documentation
Extra tools may be found in the Extras Directory.
The default location of this directory is:
C:\Program Files\SapphireSteel Software\Ruby In Steel\v1.0\Extras

Installing Ruby In Steel

- Set up all the software you need with our all-in-one installer (there is also a PDF installation guide enclosed with the software - be sure to read this).
- To install the software yourself, see our guide to Setting Up Ruby (and Rails) For Ruby In Steel – From Scratch.

Using Ruby In Steel

- Overview: Read The Manual - supplied with the software or download here.
See also these online guides...
- Using the Editor.
- Debugging With ‘Cylon’.
- Debugging RHTML/ERb templates.

Customizing The IDE

- Create Snippets using the Sniped! Snippet Editor in the Extras directory which also contains a Sniped! user guide.
- Create Macros with the macro Library Read the document in the Documentation directory (Developer Edition only).
- Create new color schemes or use a pre-designer color scheme (tutorial).

Programming In Ruby (and Rails)

- Download our free Ruby eBook, The Little Book of Ruby (plus source code of the samples).
- Download a more comprehensive free tutorial, The Book Of Ruby.
- Write an Adventure Game in Ruby (tutorial on the Bitwise Magazine site).
- Follow our tutorial on making a Blog with Rails 1.2 or with Rails 2.
- Explore the world of objects in Ruby The Smalltalk Way.
- Use The Ruby Connector to connect .NET programs to Ruby (the Extras directory contains the Connector, a dedicated manual and a set of demo programs).
- Browse our selection of Tutorials.

News, Talk, Information

- Keep up to date with developments from SapphireSteel Software on The Developer’s Blog.
- Talk about Ruby In Steel, Ruby and Rails on The Forum.
- If you have a problem, check the FAQ.

More Resources

- Recommended Reading
- The Ruby Language Web Site
- The Ruby On Rails Web site

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