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The SapphireSteel Software knowledgebase containing questions and answers relating to Ruby In Steel.

- A dialog box warns about ‘Inconsistent Line Endings’ when I load some files.
- I see some odd behaviour in the editor (e.g. incorrect code folding)
- Some of the colors in the editor look a bit odd. Can I change them?
- How To Submit a Bug Report
- A blank grey box appears when I try to debug.
- Can I install Ruby In Steel or Amethyst into a copy of Visual Studio Express?
- Can’t install under Vista. Error 2869
- Installation Error: "The installer was interrupted before Ruby In Steel could be installed"
- The installation fails on Vista with an ’unexpected error’ message.
- What Prerequisites Do I Need To Install for Ruby In Steel?
Projects and Solutions
- Cannot open Project - error: "The project type is not supported by this installation."
- Error on opening project: "value cannot be null. parameter name"
- I can’t find the Ruby In Steel Project and Solutions page in the Options dialog box.
- If I import a project into Ruby In Steel will it still be usable with another IDE?
- Package initialization error on loading a project (’invalid username’ or ’Key checksum’ error)
- Strange error on loading project.
- Where is the Project Convert option?
Ruby On Rails
- Error: "Rails project creation failed. Cannot find the My SQL utility"
- Error: "uninitialized constant ApplicationController (NameError)"
- Error: “’rails’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.”
- Rails Error: "Rails File Generation Failed"
- When I try to debug a Rails application, WEBrick (or Mongrel) bombs out with error messages.
- When using LightTPD with Cylon, the application always starts in production mode.
Run and Debug
- Debugging with stepping is slow when viewing the Autos window
- Error: "Ruby failed: The system cannot find the path specified."
- Error: (Cylon debugger): “This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.”

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