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Package initialization error on loading a project (’invalid username’ or ’Key checksum’ error)

I’m getting an error loading a project: ’There is a problem with package initialization. The error is ’invalid username XXX serial number 000’. (In some cases the error may be: ’Key checksum’).

This is caused by installation of an incompatible key and registration details. You must be sure to use your Registered Binary Key (key.bin) when installing using your registered user name and serial number. You cannot use the version of key.bin which unlocks the Trial edition.

If you have this problem:

- Check that you are using the correct key.bin
- Check that you enter the serial number and registered user name correctly

If the problem persists, reinstall Ruby In Steel in Trial mode (if your trial has not yet expired). To do this:
- Uninstall Ruby In Steel
- Install Ruby In Steel accepting all the defaults and usuing the normal key.bin supplied with the Trial Edition
- Register (using your registered key.bin) from the Ruby menu

If the Trial has expired:
- Uninstall Ruby In Steel
- Copy your registered key.bin into your Ruby In Steel installatyion directory (the one containing Setup.exe)
- Install Ruby In Steel and enter your registration details when prompted

- More Information

See HERE for basic installation information. Be sure to read the PDF installation guide supplied in the Ruby In Steel download Zip.

- Ruby In Steel 1.4 Only

The error may also be due to an expired registry key from the previously installed Trial edition causing the failure of package loading in the registered edition. This only affects version 1.4 of the Developer Edition of Ruby In Steel.

1) Uninstall Ruby In Steel
2) Locate this key in the Registry:
This may contain the old data: UserName = TrialEdition and SerialNumber=00000000.
3) Delete this key
4) Unzip the Ruby In Steel 1.4 distribution to a clean directory
5) Copy the registered key file (key.bin) into that directory (thereby overwriting the Trial key file that comes with the distribution)
6) Install and enter the username/serial number AT INSTALLATION (not later on)

This problem is in Ruby In Steel 1.5.

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