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If I import a project into Ruby In Steel will it still be usable with another IDE?

I already have some Ruby files (or a Ruby On Rails application) which I’d like to try out in Ruby In Steel. If I import or convert my applications, does this mean they will no longer be compatible with other IDEs?

Ruby In Steel does not alter your source files when you import (or convert) a Ruby or Rails project. When you ‘convert’ a project, Ruby In Steel creates the project and solution files required by Visual Studio but it does not alter pre-existing files. When you ‘import’ a project, Ruby In Steel makes a copy of all the original files and directories in a new location on disk prior to creating the Visual Studio project and solution files. In neither case, does Ruby In Steel modify the source files or the original directory structure of your project or introduce other incompatibilities which might prevent you from using another IDE or editor to work with your Ruby and Rails applications.

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