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Error on opening project: "value cannot be null. parameter name"

Using Ruby In Steel Developer (or Trial) edition, when I open a project, I see this error message:

"value cannot be null. parameter name: sp"
"value cannot be null. parameter name: type"

This problem may occur in the following circumstances...

- When a required Microsoft utility, ProjectAggregator2.msi, has not been installed. This utility is installed automatically when you run Ruby In Steel’s Setup.exe. However, if you install Ruby In Steel by running the SteelPackage.msi program instead of Setup.exe, the Microsoft utility is not installed. In that case, double-click ProjectAggregator2.msi in the folder to which you copied the contents of your RubyInSteel installation archive in order to fix the problem.

For related information, see here.

- When the Trial Edition (some versions) is used over the trial period after it was downloaded, the software expires and this message may appear.

- The problem may also occur when when running the initial release of the Developer Edition under Windows Vista. In that case, contact support to obtain an updated version of the Ruby In Steel software.

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