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Cannot open Project - error: "The project type is not supported by this installation."

Having installed Ruby In Steel, I try to create or open a project and I see some error messages such as:

The project file: <Name> cannot be opened
The project type is not supported by this installation.


Cannot create project - error was Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: sp.

This is almost invariably due to a missing or incomplete installation of a required Microsoft utility called the ’project aggregator’. This utility is installed automatically by the Ruby In Steel installer - as long as the installer is run using setup.exe (and not by running one of the .msi files)!

There may be occasions when an installation of some other software into Visual Studio may cause problems for the project aggregator. At any rate, the solution is to re-install the project aggregator. To do this, exit Visual Studio. double-click ProjectAggregator2.msi in the folder to which you copied the contents of your Ruby In Steel installation. Restart Visual Studio.

If the problem is still not resolved, you may need to uninstall the Project Aggregator from the Control panel. Using the Control Panel, Programs and Features, find Microsoft Visual Studio ProjectAggregator2 and uninstall this. When that has been done, reinstall ProjectAggregator2.msi as explained above.

Also see here for related information.

If the above fails to fix the problem, it is possible that you are attempting to use Ruby In Steel after its Trial period has expired. (This may happened even if you have subsequently registered a full copy of Ruby In Steel but have not unlocked the software using your registration key and registered details).

To fix this:
- Uninstall Ruby In Steel from the Control Panel.
- Place the key (key.bin) supplied with the registered version of the software into your setup directory (the directory containing Setup.exe). This should replace the key.bin which is supplied as standard (and which allows the software to be used for a fixed Trial period).
- Run Setup.exe.
- When the installer prompts you, enter your registration details. The user name must be the name in which you registered (all characters, including spaces must be correct - and a distinction is made between uppercase and lowercase characters).
- Enter your serial number.
- Click OK. If the details and the key are correct the installation will now continue and the software will be unlocked when this completes.

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