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Some of the colors in the editor look a bit odd. Can I change them?

Some of the colors in the Ruby (.rb) or Rails (.rhtml) editor are difficult to read or simply aren’t colors that I like. Can I change them?

You can change all the code colors. To do this select Visual Studio’s Tools menu, then Options, Environment, Fonts and Colors. The Ruby colors all begin with the word ‘Ruby’; the RHTML colors begin with ‘Rails’.

The Ruby editor also uses the generic Visual Studio coloring options for: Strings, Comments, Numbers, Keywords, Identifiers and Plain Text.

Refer to this tutorial for more guidance: Customize the Colours of the Ruby In Steel IDE

If your colors still don’t seem right, it is possible that the font cache has been corrupted. This may happen if you have loaded a Solution created by an earlier version of Ruby In Steel. You may be able to correct this simply by closing Visual Studio and reopening it. If doesn’t work, close Visual Studio and delete the .suo file of the solution (for example, a solution named MyProgram.sln will have an .suo file called MySolution.suo. Now reload Visual Studio.

If some colors are not correctly displayed and/or If the special colors for Ruby and Rails items are not listed in the Fonts options dialog, you may need to refresh the font cache by resetting a registry key. In the latest releases of Ruby In Steel you can do this by selecting Reset Fonts and Colors from the Ruby menu.

If you are using an older release of Ruby In Steel (that is, one which does not have the ’Reset Fonts and Colors’ option), we have supplied two small scripts to reset the font cache. The first one is for use with VS2008, the other is for VS2005. Download the appropriate script. Exit Visual Studio. Run the script (under Vista you must run it with Administrator privileges). Then reload Visual Studio. This should fix the problem.

Note: You may need to restart Visual Studio after refreshing the Font cache.

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