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Premium Support

Enhanced software support options

All registered users of SapphireSteel Software products may take advantage of our free support (see HERE). For customers who wish to purchase enhanced support, we offer a Premium Support program.

The Premium Support program provides customers with more direct access to the SapphireSteel Software personnel. Premium Support tickets are always given priority over other support requests. Premium Support is offered as a yearly subscription.


Subscribing to our Premium Support program is available from $699 for one year. This subscription includes ten support tickets with the option to purchase additional support tickets. There is also the option to purchase a single ‘priority support ticket’ for users who do not have a full Priority Support subscription.

- Annual subscription (10 support tickets) - $699
- Additional support tickets - $69 per ticket
- Single Incident Support Ticket - $199

How To Report An Issue

Once you’ve subscribed to the Premium Support program, or purchased a Single Incident Support Ticket, you will be issued with a direct email address with which to contact SapphireSteel support staff. You may contact Support by sending a message using the Premium Support email address.

We will send confirmation of receipt of your email and a tracking number within six business hours (GMT). If you report more than one issue, we will open provisional tickets for each additional issue and we will contact you for your approval of those tickets. On approval, a ticket will be created for each additional issue. If you do not give approval, the provisional tickets will be cancelled and removed from our tracking system. All emails relating to a ticket must contain the ticket number in the subject line.

Premium Support tickets will be given priority over other support requests. However, the time taken to find a solution varies with the nature of the issue and SapphireSteel Software makes no guarantee to find a solution within a specific time. Moreover, be aware that support is offered only for technical problems. We cannot address ‘feature requests’ in this manner. Please note that our support team is located in the United Kingdom and is available between approximately 10:00 and 21:00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), Monday to Friday. If you need support outside these times, please contact us to discuss terms.

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