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Amethyst Release History

Information on the features and build history of Amethyst

This page provides details of new features, bug fixes and enhancements of numbered builds of Amethyst. Here you may also download the latest interim or ’edge’ builds of Amethyst (when available).

Latest Stable Build The latest stable release is available on the Amethyst Download Page.

Latest ’Edge’ Release

Note: Edge releases are not as fully tested as formal ’point-update’ builds and should be regarded as experimental.

No Edge Releases currently.

Amethyst 2

Amethyst (April, 2014)
VS2013 edition
Minor fixes

Amethyst (29th December, 2013)
Minor fixes

Amethyst (16th June, 2013)
Minor fixes to colouring of debug bubbles
Fix to ensure correct behaviour of Hide/Show Bubble Region in Scratchpad

Amethyst (21st May, 2013)
Launch version of Amethyst 2. Numerous new features (documented in the Features List), including:
- bubble debugger
- profiler
- Flash Forms projects
- obfuscater
- scratchpad

Amethyst 1

Amethyst (17th September, 2012)
I780 Weak reference causes IntelliSense problems
I771 Flex 4.5 ImportLibrary template incorrectly specifies Flex4ImportLibrary.amproj

Amethyst (8th August, 2012)
IntelliSense broke when curly brackets omitted in if..else clauses (fixed)

Amethyst (1st August, 2012)

1) A new Debugger core replaces the 1.5 core
2) Improved support for mobile debugging and deployment

in build 1359
48 Product code should be changed when a new version is released
51 Flash IDE profile properties not enabled
52 Profiles constantly updating FLA
I751 Default SDK in project importer should now be 4.5 (not 4)
I753 VS 2010 project importer does not use the correct template when importing Flex 4.5 projects
I754 fx:Array type is misclassified by the Designer leading to the generation of corrupt MXML

in build 1361
I755 Default for namespace in AIR projects should now be 3.2
I756 The Select Mobile/Tablet device box should allow newer versions of AIR
I757 Project generator did not automatically recognise Flex 4.6 SDK
I758 Services attribute is missing from MSBuild AIR target
I762 Debugger is not handing function objects from FlashPlayer 11 correctly
I763 SWF library references are not refreshed when the swf is changed on disk

in build 1375
I764 set/get property order breaks intellisense
I765 Synchronize hangs indefinitely
I766 Static field initializers are improperly flagged as errors

in build 1379
I767 Find-all-references is confused after copy/pasting entire classes
I768 ’wmode’ should be available as a HTML template macro

in build 1384
I769 Unary + or - is not recognised after a /
I770 keyword "override" is not recognized as an identifier in a parameter list
I771 Regular expression multiline flag is not recognized
I772 ’new’ with expression is not recognized
I773 ’void’ is not recognized as an operator
I774 Annotation is not recognized inside a function body
I775 Named function declared within argument list leads to syntax error

in build 1386
I776 Formatting does not put a space after a lambda operator
I777 virtual semicolons not added (introduced in build 1384)

in build 1389
I778 Exceptions are not trapped in Cylon

in build 1403
I779 Optional semicolons cause spurious syntax errors sometimes

Amethyst (12th October, 2011)

31 Auto doc is not working when an opening '{' is on the next line
32 Auto formatting has trouble sometimes with { and } blocks
33 Auto formatting does not happen for objects declared inline
34 Auto formatting ’for each’ not honoring ’Space after keywords in control flow statements’ option
35 Auto formatting does not work when putting a block around an existing block
36 Intellisense not showing private members of objects of current class that are not ’this’
37 Auto formatting not honoring "Space after comma" option for inline array
38 Intellisense popped up by Ctrl+Space does not always show local function variables when token by cursor matches other class names
I709 No smart tag displayed when deleting the first character of an identifier
I716 trailing spaces are stripped when reformatting /* ... */ comments
I719 Empty FLA files are now added to Flash projects when created
I721 A reference to Playerglobal should be added by default to Flash projects
I731 Snippets end points are not correct for multiline snippets in VS2010
I734 DestPath for Module BuildAction does not accept a file
I735 Default for compiler should be to use compiler service

Amethyst (12th September, 2011)
29 Amethyst 1.5 Designer window unusable in VS 2008 MDI mode
I726 MXML corruption with ArrayList on switching from Designer to Code

Amethyst (4th September, 2011)
I711 Rename does not select any token when the cursor is at the start of a word
I713 Classes not colored if the class is not declared explicitly
I717 Local variables not resolved inside nested methods
I718 Formatting doesn’t handle quotes inside block comments correctly
22 Intermittent hang when attempting intellisense (build 1231 only)
23 Removing version control database causes project load failures
26 Formatting issues with braces
27 Formatting issue with do-while loops
28 Snippets not working right in VS2010

Amethyst (24th July, 2011)
13 Copy to Output directory is not working for linked files
15 Once you edit the RSL options and save them, you can’t re-edit in the IDE
16 RSL: swz/swf files you specify manually are not copied into the release folder
17 RSL: no way to copy SWFs for debugging RSLs
18 RSL options is not initially visible when Library Action is set to ’RuntimeSharedLibrary’
20 Inserting '{' on a line with text and with auto-indent set on leaves the cursor in an incorrect position
21 array lengths are displayed incorrectly in the debugger

Amethyst (14th July, 2011) The bugs and issues that have been fixed in are:
1 Debugging mode not terminated when AIR application has no breakpoints
2 Incorrect path to ’spark.css’ in mobile configuration XML file
3 ’if’ keyword is shown in the completion list after ’=’.
6 Parser failed on negative number after ||
11 No trace output is visible in VS2010
12 Project Importer throws an error if a library to be added has already been included in the project references

Amethyst 1.5 (RC3ii) Build
Status: Version 1.5 (Release Candidate 3ii)
Release Date: 19th June 2011

700 MXML snippets don’t expand after TAB
701 Lexer did not recognize comments or CDATA sections in an XML literal
702 Expanding a snippet by TAB in MXML expands the snippet one character position wrong
704 Setup for VS2010 throws an error ’object reference not set to an instance of an object’ when no Flex SDK is installed
705 Flash compiler throws an exception when no Flex SDK is installed
706 Error/warning messages from Flash CS5.5 were not recognized

Amethyst 1.5 (RC3i) Build
Status: Version 1.5 (Release Candidate 3i)
Release Date: 12th June 2011

690 Object literal after ’return’ is not formatted correctly
692 Import is added in wrong place when adding from an ’extends’ clause
693 Add Item/Add ActionScript sub-class form does not populate the combo
694 Spark DataGrid control not visible in Toolbox
695 MXML was scrambled when switching back to the code Editor under some circumstances
696 MXML coloring for attribute names is not working
697 Spark DataGrid is not displayed correctly by the Designer
698 View | Designer menu command did not switch to Designer
699 Window splitter in MXML Code Editor did not work correctly

Amethyst 1.5 (RC3) Build
Status: Version 1.5 (Release Candidate 3)
Release Date: 7th June 2011

681 Adding an import with a package and its '{' on separate lines results in the import being placed on the wrong line
682 No IntelliSense after ’=’ in statements like ’var x:C = c.a’
683 Designer’s Undo/redo stack should be cleared when switching from the Designer to the Editor
684 Build does not detect when an FLA file has changed
685 Build verbosity cannot be set to less than normal
686 Compiler Service should be started if required
687 When a Method tip is displayed, it stops a word completion list also being displayed
688 Completion list should not be displayed after ’const’
689 The main documentation of a method should not be displayed when displaying method tips
No reformatting of Object literals placed on a single line

Amethyst 1.5 (RC2a) Build
Status: Version 1.5 (Release Candidate 2a)
Release Date: 2nd June 2011

Minor bug fixes...

Amethyst 1.5 (R2) Build
Status: Version 1.5 (Release Candidate 2)
Release Date: 15th May 2011

Trace and debug output now go to the Debug Output Window Pane

Bugs fixed in this release:
660 IntelliSense sometimes not displayed on locals in Flash/ActionScript projects
661 Refactoring failed to distinguish between a variable with the same name as a method
662 Change Flex 4.5 project template to reflect actual Abobe release of the 4.5 SDK
663 Debugger shows internal name of a variable rather than the correct syntax name
664 Indent didn’t work correctly on '{' after an ’if’ statement
665 Auto format after '}' should format the entire control statement not just the ’{}’ block
666 IntelliSense should not give a completion list after a ’var’ keyword
667 UP and DOWN arrow keys should have no effect when a method tip is displayed
668 Method tips are displayed incorrectly when returning to an incomplete method call
669 IntelliSense missing on variables in XML attributes
770 IntelliSense not always available after a ’.’ in an XML attribute

Amethyst 1.5 (RC1) Build
Status: Version 1.5 (Release Candidate 1)
Release Date: 9th May 2011

641 Bracket is not highlighted in VS2010 when the cursor is placed next to it
655 All exceptions are not passed to the debugger.
656 IntelliSense on some compiled classes (e.g. fl.motion:Animator) was not displayed correctly
657 Attempting to set a member variable of an object in the debugger shows "<undefined>"
658 Importer does not handle .svn directories correctly
659 Text moves up one line on copy and paste sometimes

Amethyst 1.5 (preview 1) Build
Status: Version 1.5 (preview 1)
Release Date: 2nd May 2011

441 Incorrect formatting of control blocks on entering a closing '}'
528 Rename folder fails when the folder contains dependent files
556 Designer does not act on DEL key when controls are selected (Flex 4)
577 Reformatting is incorrect if a '{' follows a ’//’
595 Source code not reparsed after bracket deleting and reentering
639 Flex 4 application not resized or centered correctly in Designer
645 Some metadata tags are not parsed correctly
644 Adding files as links to the project root causes an ’object not set as reference’ error
646 Refresh button in Solution Explorer doesn’t work
647 WebORB trial timeout is set incorrectly to 30 days
648 Deleting a linked file should not be permitted
649 Flash project compilation always took 60 seconds (1.3 only)
650 Flash build task did not automatically copy files marked as ’Content’ to the output directory
652 The syntax 'y = new <int>[1, 2];' is not recognised by the parser
654 Setting the Services option should produce a better error message if the path name is incorrect or the file does not exist

Amethyst 1.3 beta 10 Build
Status: Version 1.3 (beta 10)
Release Date: 5th April 2011

New Features in 1.3
1) New project property page for library classes
2) New project property page for modules
3) New project property page for resources
4) Locale resource bundles included automatically
5) Library dependencies calculated automatically
6) Runtime Shared Libraries (RSLs) now fully supported
7) Project library IntelliSense now fully implemented
8) Major improvements to Project Importer - now reads all FB property files and imports entire FB workspaces
9) CSS compilation to SWFs now supported
10) less aggressive formatting of MXML when switching back from the Designer to the Code Editor
11) Flex 4 states
12) New compiler service for faster compilation
13) Visual Studio command line builds now supported
14) Linked files can be used as ’main’ files
15) New property page for specifying included libraries and resource bundles (-include-library and -include-resource-bundles)
16) User defined macros can be specified as HTML template macros
17) Multiple locales can now be specified
18) Debugging can now be initiated from an ASP Web site project
19) Android, Blackberry and iOS mobile development and deployment (preview of new mobile development product)
20) New project templates for Flex 4.5 and mobile applications

588 Tools/Options Flex SDK Set default doesn’t work
636 Amethyst Console should not disappear when switching to a C# project
637 No IntelliSense was initially available when an event handler was created by double clicking a control
638 No IntelliSense was available for MXML attributes when used like a tag (i.e. <s:layout>)
640 Cylon debugger freezes when reloading a web server page
641 Bracket is not highlighted in VS2010 when the cursor is placed next to it
642 Public variables are not included in MXML attribute completion lists
643 Add Import did not position the import statement correctly for an internal class

Amethyst 1.3 beta 9 Build
Status: Version 1.3 (beta 9)
Release Date: 20th March 2011

626 Go To Definition from MXML sometimes does not work
627 The switch from the Designer to the Editor should honor user indenting
632 Designer does not handle skins
633 The <s:Rect> tag is not handled by the Designer
634 Rebuild project only - indices success when the rebuild has failed
635 MXML IntelliSense fails for open tags like <s:Label

Amethyst 1.3 beta 8 Build
Status: Version 1.3 (beta 8)
Release Date: 13th March 2011

628 The MXML reformatter should honor the position of attributes explicitly placed in a new line
629 No compiler arguments are shown in the Compiler project properties tab (1.3 beta 7 only)
630 Amethyst custom debugger String viewers are not displayed in VS2010
631 Flash Player path (Launch tab) is stored as relative - should be stored as absolute

Amethyst 1.3 beta 7 Build
Status: Version 1.3 (beta 7)
Release Date: 6th March 2011

594 ’Build succeeded’ is shown in VS status bar even on failure
615 Publish should be visible on the menus if there are no items to publish but should produce a meaningful error message
616 There are some cosmetic defects in the Publish page
617 The HTML template macros cannot be edited
618 Adding a source/library path via the property page tab deleted the all the source/library paths in the project file
619 Project properties are not being saved before project build in some circumstances
620 Properties in a configuration dependent page are not redisplayed when the configuration is changed
622 Importer did not add source paths for FB projects
623 Context menu in Modules tab in Project properties did not allow ’optimize’ to be checked/unchecked
624 Cylon debugger should not accept breakpoint requests from languages like C#
625 Amethyst Listen mode should be available when VS is debugging ASP .NET projects

Amethyst 1.3 beta 6 Build
Status: Version 1.3 (beta 6)
Release Date: 26th February 2011

604 Indenting after '{' is incorrect.
605 Excluding a file from a project should not request the SCC system for permission
606 Toolbox is missing Spark controls: DataGroup, Group, SkinnableContainer, SkinnableDataContainer, List
607 MXML Editor breaks primitive objects like '<String>xxx</String>' into multiple lines
608 Resource bundle linker directives are placed in the compiler section of the config xml file leading to compiler errors
609 Renaming a folder to an existing folder fails but leaves the folder name incorrect
610 Multiple locales are not processed correctly by MSBuild
611 An error when deleting a file (e.g SCC denies permission) from a project is not reported to the user
612 Duplicate namespace directives are generated leading to compiler errors
613 Visual Studio crashes when exiting under a non-English (Danish) version of Windows

Amethyst 1.3 beta 5 Build
Status: Version 1.3 (beta 5)
Release Date: 21st February 2011

589 Property pages do not have scroll bars
591 Hovering over an MXML attribute does not produce a tooltip
596 Conditional breakpoints with ’short circuit’ operators (i.e. && or ||) are never hit
597 No local variables are shown in the Locals window when debugging (1.3 only)
598 File delete does not indicate if there is a problem (should give an error message)
599 Importer does not handle library exclusion
600 Local configuration files are not processed
601 Importing a library with no main source folder incorrectly sets the MainSourceFolder property to "src"
602 Importer does not detect some libraries specified in .actionscriptProperties
603 Importer does not detect included classes correctly

Amethyst 1.3 beta 4 Build
Status: Version 1.3 (beta 4)
Release Date: 14th February 2011

New in beta 4:

New compiler service for faster compilation
Visual Studio command line builds now supported
Linked files can be used as ’main’ files
New property page for specifying included libraries and resource bundles (-include-library and -include-resource-bundles)
User defined macros can be specified as HTML template macros
Multiple locales can now be specified

Amethyst 1.3 beta 3 Build

Status: Version 1.3 (beta 3)
Release Date: 24th January 2011

a) Amethyst is better aligned with FlashBuilder in compiling and linking projects - it now compiles and links in much the same way
b) a problem with including all classes when importing a library has been fixed
c) the Importer has improved diagnostics and error messages (available in the Importer Report).
d) several bugs have been fixed in the Importer
e) a bug with locales leading to the linker complaining that it cannot open a file (for example, ’spark.swc’) has been fixed
f) IntelliSense (Go to Definition and tooltip hover) now works in MXML files on embedded ActionScript variables in attributes (such as dataProvider="{myProvider}")
g) the Classes property page has been made into a configuration independent property page
h) a Library Paths option has been added to the source paths property page
i) the project importer does not request an SDK path for Flash projects

Amethyst 1.3 beta 2 Build

New Features
less aggressive formatting of MXML when switching back from the Designer to the Code Editor
Flex 4 states supported in editor and Designer

Amethyst 1.3 beta 1 Build

Status: Version 1.3 (beta 1)
Release Date: 9th January 2011

New Features
New Project property page for including/excluding library classes
New project property page for modules
New Project property page for resources
Locale resource bundles included automatically
Library dependencies calculated automatically
Runtime Shared Libraries (RSLs) now fully supported
Project library IntelliSense now fully implemented
Major improvements to Project Importer - now reads all FB property files and imports entire FB workspaces
CSS compilation to SWFs now supported

Amethyst 1.2.2 Build
Status: Version 1.2.2 (full release)
Release Date: 1st February, 2011

548 Elevated privilege check fails for Windows XP when registering a key
554 A comment in MXML caused the regenerated MXML to be incorrect when switching from design to code view
555 A case ’:’ causes increasing indents
579 Memory leak in debugger due to incorrect COM reference counting
580 Visual Studio memory increase to the point that it is unusable when debugging
581 Adding a semicolon on the first line after a begin brace results in a automatic left-indent of the entire line
549 Add ’Listen’ to the debug context menu
550 Add ’WebORB Services’ to ’Other Windows’ menu

Amethyst 1.2.1 Build
Status: Version 1.2.1 (edge release)
Release Date: 24th December 2010

548 Elevated privilege check fails for Windows XP when registering a key
554 A comment in MXML caused the regenerated MXML to be incorrect when switching from design to code view
555 A case ’:’ causes increasing indents on reformatting

New Features
549 Add ’Listen’ to the debug context menu in Solution Explorer
550 Add ’WebORB Services’ to ’Other Windows’ menu

Amethyst 1.2 Build
Status: Version 1.2 (release)
Release Date: 13th December 2010

530 Project Importer does not look for the .flexLibProperties file in the correct location in some circumstances
531 Typing a relative path into the Source Paths or Library Paths tabs results in a ’File not found’ error

Status: Version 1.2 (Release Candidate #2)
Release Date: 6th December 2010

521 The main source folder was not being stored in relative format after a build
522 Changing the main source folder was not propagated correctly to MSBuild
523 Exclude BuildAction did not work correctly
524 Files in Source Paths and Library Paths Project settings were not displayed as relative in the list boxes even though they were stored as relative
525 Paths were not stored as relative if they referred to a location outside the project root
526 Rename was incorrectly matching Regexp.test() when attempting to rename a class ’test’
527 Flash Profile support needs ’use default’ and ’copy’ profile features

New Features
1) Better Flash Profile support
2) Project Importer now recognises FlashBuilder library include classes settings

Status: Version 1.2 (2nd beta/Release Candidate #1)
Release Date: 29th November 2010

511 Reformatting deletes all non space and non ANSI characters in block comments
513 Formatting removes blank lines at the end of block comments
514 Formatting adds an extra linefeed before the ’*/’ in ’****/’ block comments
515 Hovering over the type ’Vector’ while debugging causes an exception in VS2010
517 Find All References does not detect constants in a switch statement
518 Building local help requires elevated privilege but Amethyst does not check for this
519 Amethyst should search for more SDK locations when installing
520 There is indication of the available macros for pre/post build events

Status: Version 1.2 (1st beta)
Release Date: 21st November 2010

New Features
1) WebORB support
2) ’Add Files as Links’ wizard
3) MXML Components in an SWC are now added to the MXML IntelliSense/Toolbox automatically
4) HTML template files with Flash Builder style macro substitutions are now supported
5) Better SDK detection and support when creating a project

385 Selecting the Object Browser from a reference node does not go to the reference in the Object Browser
421 F12, CTLR+F12 and CTRL+F3 keyboard shortcuts dont work in MXML files
476 VS2010 Shell Edition is not detected by installer
479 Opening a file which is already open while debugging gives ’document is already open’
480 Find All References fails to detect ’this.x’ correctly
481 New project creation does not detect incorrect SDK
482 Reformatting does not correctly indent region directives
483 Renaming a selected argument does not work
484 Attempting to rename a library function causes an exception
485 The Ctrl+Shift+F12 shortcut in VS: View.NextError doesn’t work
486 F1 does not goto help for package level functions
487 Nagivation from Find All References window does not center the selected line in the view
489 Tooltip text on a non-existent method or property is incorrect
490 ’*’ should not be in the default completion list commit characters
491 Reformat document does not position the view in the center of the screen
492 Selecting a symbol and then doing Go To Definition does not always work
493 Find All References fails sometimes if the symbol is selected
494 ActionScript 4 project template is missing
495 Adding linked files fails on Windows x64
496 Target Player options in the Compiler Options Property Tab does not support 10.1
497 The "Add New Component to Toolbox" does not accept an empty namespace
498 Adding a new Component using the Component Manager does not allow an existing class to be installed in the toolbox
500 Complex XML produces syntax errors
502 Moving items up and down in the Library Paths and Source Paths property pages was not persisted in the project file
503 ’Start without debugging’ fails to use the correct launch page for Mozilla if the launch page has spaces in it
505 ’@ id’ (i.e. with spaces) is treated as an error by the parser.
508 If secondary browser path can’t be found, and secondary browser is selected, loads into primary browser with no warning or info
509 Build always uses the default SDK compiler instead of the selected SDK compiler
510 Null values and values with ’;’ and ’=’ should not be allowed in the Flash IDE Config constants

Status: Version 1.1 (minor updates)
Release Date: 4th November 2010

470 $(AppConfig) is not handled correctly in Flash profiles
471 Cannot directly edit Library path, etc. in the Flash IDE property page
472 The XML Editor in the Flash IDE property page does not refresh the display
473 Smart indenting doesn’t work correctly after an object literal
475 Vectors of vectors did not parse

Status: Version 1.1
Release Date: 22nd October 2010

465 Parsing is incorrect with &quot; characters in MXML in Actionscript code in an attribute
466 A ’\’ in front of the Include in an MSBuild <Compile> directive causes a ’Object reference not set to an instance of an object’ error
468 Flex 4 AIR Application wizard has wrong target file for VS2010
469 Adding a new item leaves a ’\’ in the MSBuild Include attribute under some circumstances

Status: Version 1.1
Release Date: 19th October 2010

455 cursor jumps on document format (VS2010 only)
456 keywords not coloured or bolded correctly (VS2010 only)
457 Amethyst reference processing is activated when not in an Amethyst project
458 ’_’ does not trigger a completion list when preceeded by a tab
459 MXML formatting does not work correctly sometimes

Status: Version 1, 3rd Edge Release
Release Date: 11th October 2010

New Features
New formatting options that allow spacing between colon and type: ’var x: int’, ’var x :int’ and ’var x : int’ styles
Dismiss completion list on mismatch option (like Flash Builder)

218 mx:Application not selectable in Designer when empty
374 Incorrect IntelliSense provided for vectors
376 MXML IntelliSense not working correctly when tag is spead over multiple lines
380 MXML formatting does not handle pasting comment fragments correctly
382 //#f- does not not stop formatting when followed by other text
432 Selection Changes are not retained in Designer
440 ’endregion’ not being detected if followed by a tab
442 Build should check if the main file is an FLA for a Flash or Flash/AIR project
445 Formatting bug when pasting blocks
449 Linked file in top level of Solution Explorer does not work
450 Smart tags in VS2010 Personal Edition give ’Object reference not set to instance of object’

Status: Version 1, 2nd Edge Release
Release Date: 4th October 2010

New Features
1) Smartags now work in VS2010. This completes the work on VS2010 to make it functionally equivalent to VS2008.
2) Module SWFs can now be placed in directories other than the main output
3) Flash profiles are now complete and work correctly

435 mx:Module isn’t supported in the Designer
436 Designer does not display charts when mx:horizontalAxis is specified
437 FireFox debugging not working correctly in edge 989
438 MSBuild does not check when a file is linked
446 parsing fails when xml literal is not ’;’ terminated
447 XML literals following op-assign operators are not recognised
448 Files imported from a Mac do not parse correctly or generate hidden regions

Status: Version 1, 1st Edge Release
Release Date: 23rd September, 2010

New Feature: Flash projects now have configurable profiles (i.e. Debug, Release, etc.). These are available in a new Project Properties tab ’Flash IDE’.

362 IntelliSense parameter does not work when a ’,’ is typed after the MethodTip is dismissed
383 Property pages do not use converters when saving
388 Project/Properties Select SDK does not select the SDK when browse is used
389 Add profiles to Flash projects for release/debug operation
391 Save all project properties before build starts
392 Build not stopping after an error in a dependent project
394 Improve error handling for non-English languages
400 Project importer needs improvement for AIR applications
403 New AIR template for ActionScript projects
404 Debugging causing non-editable files
405 The ’background parse’ error message needed a new line
408 Template error in VS 2010 component template
410 Adding a C# project as a library should not be allowed
411 Debugger doesn’t deal correctly with undefined in arrays or objects
412 Pre-inc and pre-dec operators not recognised in refactoring
413 Typing in VS2010 sometimes produces VS2010 exceptions which are non-fatal
414 Rename of a getter/setter failed
415 Clicking on a module’s Resource Name in the Properties Window crashes Visual Studio
417 Configurations are not refreshed correctly in the Project Properties page when created/deleting a configuration
418 MainFile was not changed sometimes on switching project configurations
419 Entering < or " in the text property of a TextInput control does not translate properly to &lt &quot in mxml
420 "default xml namespace", is not recognised by the parser in some circumstances
422 Default size of internal Amethyst Player increased from (300,300) to (800,600)
423 AIR apps do not notify the debugger when they terminate or fail
424 Project importer should not process library paths with ’’ tokens
426 Globally defined UsePlayerOnlaunch setting is not set in new project
433 Flash IDE did not launch correctly if the path to the FLA file had spaces
434 CopyToOutput failed when set to true

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