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Amethyst Installation Guide

What do you need to install Amethyst 2?

Use this guide to plan your Amethyst installation...

Note the video above describes installation of Amethyst 1. Installation of Amethyst 2 is similar but uses Visual Studio 2013, 2012 or 2010

If you are a Flex or Flash developer, you may already have some of the prerequisites for Amethyst installed.


All users must have
- Either a commercial (Professional or above) or free (VS Shell) copy of Visual Studio 2010, 2012 or 2013. Express editions are not supported.
- The Content Debug Flash Player 11.7 or later (v 12 recommended) for Internet Explorer
- Adobe or Apache Flex SDK (v 4.6 recommended) - required for compilation even if you don’t develop for Flex.
- After installing the Flex SDK, you need to install the Flash Player library, playerglobal.swc. The usual place to install this is under the Flex SDK directory in ’frameworks/libs/player/12.0’ (for example, C:\Flex SDKs\flex_sdk_4.6.0.23201B\frameworks\libs\player\12.0)
- Java Runtime (32-bit, required by compiler)
- And (of course!) Amethyst.


- To install Amethyst, you must have (and use) Administrator privilege
- It is better to install the Flex SDK before Amethyst, since Amethyst will then detect the SDK when it is installed.
- Ideally, Visual Studio should be installed on the C: drive. Amethyst will install its project templates on the C: drive. If Visual Studio is on any other drive, these templates will have to be manually copied over otherwise Visual Studio will not be able to find them.
- Amethyst works with the free Integrated Visual Studio Shell. Initially, the Shell has no language support and Amethyst (ActionScript) will be the only available language.

You can manually download various components from these locations:

- Visual Studio Shell
- Flex SDK:
- Flash content debugger Player for Internet Explorer
- Flash library (playerglobal.swc)
- Java Runtime (32 bit)
- Amethyst

Additionally, you can use a wizard from within Visual Studio. You can download the latest versions of various required components from Tools | Download SDKs and runtimes.

Optional Components

Some users may also need other software - for example, if you plan to use Adobe’s Flex framework or debug in a Netscape-compatible browser. Here are some possible additional prerequisites...

- AIR Runtime and SDK (3.7 or above) for AIR/mobile development
- Android SDK for Android mobile development

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