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Ruby In Steel 2 Launch!

by Huw Collingbourne
Ruby development in Visual Studio 2010
Tuesday 2 August 2011.

Ruby In Steel 2 launches today....

The new version of Ruby In Steel Professional provides a powerful integrated Ruby and Rails development environment for Visual Studio users. It can be installed either into a commercial edition of Visual Studio 2010 or into a free ‘Shell’ edition of Visual Studio. Users who don’t own a commercial edition of Visual Studio can make use of our all-in-one installer to simplify the installation of the VS 2010 Shell, a Ruby interpreter and Ruby In Steel.

This video gives an overview of installing Ruby In Steel 2 using the all-in-one installer...

Ruby In Steel 2 provides...

- The fast ‘drill-down’ Cylon Debugger with conditional breakpoints, watch variables, call-stack and more
- Powerful editing with Ruby code coloring and formatting
- IntelliSense
- Auto-expanding snippets plus a snippet editor
- Code navigation tools (Nav Bars/Go To Definition etc.)
- Integrated Ruby and IRB consoles
- Support for Ruby 1.8 and 1.9
- Class library navigation (The Ruby Explorer)
- Tight integration into Visual Studio 2010
- Integrated Rails development tools

Ruby In Steel 2 is available for $249. Registered users of Ruby In Steel 1 may apply for a special upgrade price by contacting SapphireSteel Software (please supply your registered user name and serial number).

Ruby In Steel 2 Professional is available for a 60 day free trial period. After the 60 day period you may buy a license to unlock the full features Ruby In Steel 2 Professional. Alternatively, you may opt to downgrade the software to Ruby In Steel 2 Personal Edition. The Personal Edition provides support for Ruby project creation and editing but it does not support advanced features such as IntelliSense and the Cylon Debugger.

For more information see: The Ruby In Steel Product Page and Features List

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Amethyst 1.5 video overview

by Huw Collingbourne
The main features in under 4 minutes
Monday 25 July 2011.

We just uploaded a short video summarizing the main features of Amethyst 1.5. And here it is!

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The Book Of Ruby - new paperback edition

by Huw Collingbourne
Now available
Sunday 10 July 2011.

A new paperback edition of The Book Of Ruby is now available from No Starch Press. This edition of The Book Of Ruby has been substantially rewritten and includes coverage of Ruby 1.9 as well as Ruby 1.8. It also covers Rails 3 in addition to Rails 2.

I first released a free PDF edition of The Book Of Ruby back in 2009. This is a hands-on tutorial that guides you through all the twisty little highways and byways of Ruby programming. Over the last six months I’ve been working on a new paperback edition for No Starch Press. This substantially revises the original text and expands the coverage to include Ruby 1.9 in addition to Ruby 1.8.

Download the code archive for the revised paperback edition of The Book Of Ruby from No Starch Press:

- Buy the paperback Book Of Ruby from Amazon (US)
- Buy the paperback Book Of Ruby from Amazon (UK)

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ActionScript FAQ Browser programming project

by Huw Collingbourne
In FFD Magazine
Thursday 7 July 2011.

The July 2011 edition of FFD magazine is now available.

This includes my column, ActionScript In Action. I’m starting a new project this month to show how to create an online FAQ browser. This introduces topics related to XML handling and HTTPService requests. If that’s of interest, read the article and download the source code.

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Amethyst 1.5 Released

by Huw Collingbourne
Major new version of our Flash Platform IDE
Tuesday 28 June 2011.

SapphireSteel Software is pleased to announce Amethyst 1.5, a major update to our Flash Platform IDE for Visual Studio.

Since the launch of Amethyst in August 2010, we’ve been working closely with many of our customers to add and improve the power and simplicity of Amethyst. The result of this work is released today. Amethyst 1.5 is a significant update which adds mobile development capabilities, new compiler services, support for very large projects and improved integration with IDEs such as Adobe’s Flash Builder and Flash CS5 (or CS4/CS3).

Amethyst Professional 1.5 is available for $249 USD with a free 60-day Trial. Existing users of Amethyst 1.x may upgrade to this new version at no additional cost.

Major New Features of Amethyst 1.5 include...
- Mobile development support (Android, iOS, Blackberry)
- Improved Flash CS5 integration
- Internationalization with switchable ‘locales’
- Enhanced multi-process (multiple SWFs) debugging
- Support for all major versions of Flex (3, 4, 4.5)
- Enhanced cross platform .NET/Flash debugging
- Improved support for modules and RSLs
- Enhanced project importer (imports Flash Builder properties and workspaces)
- Visual Studio command line builds supported

Download Amethyst 1.5

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Ruby In Steel 2.0 - new beta

by Huw Collingbourne
June 2011 beta now available
Sunday 19 June 2011.

A new beta of Ruby In Steel 2.0 was released today.

This is the latest pre-release version of the forthcoming edition of SapphireSteel Software’s Ruby and Rails IDE for Visual Studio 2010. Ruby In Steel 2.0 supports versions of Ruby 1.8, JRuby and Ruby 1.9.2 Download page is HERE.

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Adobe Flex Tutorial: From Design To Debug Under Five Minutes

by Huw Collingbourne
A first guide to Amethyst
Monday 6 June 2011.

If you are new to Amethyst, you may want to watch this short tutorial. This will lead you through a simple project showing you how to design a user interface, edit your code and use the debugger.

For more videos, see The Amethyst Tutorials Page.

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Visual Studio and Adobe Flex integration with Amethyst and WebORB

by Huw Collingbourne
How to link .NET web sites and Flex
Wednesday 18 May 2011.

We’ve just uploaded a short video to explain how to link .NET web sites with Flex user interfaces using the integration of WebORB into Amethyst.

Bear in mind that one or two features in the video show new capabilities of the forthcoming release of Amethyst 1.5.

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Ruby In Steel 2 - 2nd beta available

by Huw Collingbourne
Ruby in VS2010
Monday 16 May 2011.

The second beta of Ruby In Steel 2, our Ruby and Rails IDE for Visual Studio 2010 is now available for download.

New features include:

- Jruby 1.6 is now supported
- Project synchronization now works correctly
- Ruby 1.9.2p180 supported
- Ruby Explorer reinstated

Ruby In Steel 2.0 supports several Ruby interpreters. You must be sure to use only one of these supported interpreters when using Ruby In Steel’s fast Cylon debugger. Information and downloads available on the Ruby In Steel Prerequisites page.

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Deploy Flash To Android

by Huw Collingbourne
Follow our tutorial
Wednesday 11 May 2011.

One of the new features of Amethyst 1.5 is its built in support for debugging and deploying Android applications.

Release Candidate #1 of Amethyst 1.5 is currently available for download HERE. You will need this build, or a later version, to use the Android visual design, deployment and debugging features. To help you get started, refer to the tutorial in this month’s (May 2011) Flash & Flex Developer’s Magazine available as a free download The code archive that goes with this series of articles can be downloaded HERE.

For more assistance on Flash for Android, see also the screencast tutorials on mobile development on the Amethyst Tutorials Page.

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