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Visual Studio Magazine Review of Amethyst and WebORB

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by Huw Collingbourne
Wednesday 2 February 2011.

"Well-integrated environment from SapphireSteel lets .NET developers create Flex applications for the Flash platform," says Peter Vogel.

Visual Studio Magazine has just published a review of Amethyst, including its optional integration with Midnight Coders’ WebORB for Flex/.NET development.

"Amethyst delivers all of the features that I’d expect to find in a Visual Studio environment: IntelliSense, runtime debugging, refactoring, templates, Solution Explorer integration and more. Second, there’s the integration with the Midnight Coder WebOrb runtime environment that allows you to debug your Flex application from within Visual Studio. Again, I found everything that I expected in a Visual Studio debugging environment."

Read the full review:

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