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The Mystery of the "null" Alert button

Amethyst and the Flex 4 SDK
by Huw Collingbourne
Tuesday 20 July 2010.

A user on our forums recently noticed an odd problem when running a Flex 4 application created in Amethyst. The Alert dialog didn’t seem to be behaving itself.

In short, when it appeared, its button showed this...

...whereas what he’d been expecting was this:

Where did the "OK" go to? And where did the "null" come from?

It was a mystery to us too. Amethyst certainly doesn’t mess around with Alert dialogs and the "null" doesn’t come from us. So how does one account for it?

We decided the only way to solve this problem was to track it down using Amethyst. We created a simple program with a button that fired up an Alert. Then we used the Amethyst ’Cylon’ debugger plus a few other handy tools such as its ability to Go to Definition, Find All References and debug into the depths of the Flex 4 SDK. And within a matter of a few minutes, we’d found the solution. It wasn’t what we’d expected.

Read the full story in a new development ’case study’ that we’ve just put online.

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