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Switching Flex SDKs in Amethyst

Installing and using alternative SDKs
by Huw Collingbourne
Wednesday 9 February 2011.

Amethyst supports the use of multiple Flex SDKs which can be switched within the IDE.

There may be many times when you need to test your applications with different versions of the Flex SDK – either with minor (point-version) updates or betas of forthcoming SDK versions. You may even want to switch between major SDK revisions such as Flex 3 to Flex 4 (or back again). With Amethyst you can do this easily.

Auto-Detection of Flex SDKs

When it is installed, Amethyst searches some common locations to try to auto-detect any Flex SDKs that you have on your PC. Any it finds will be added to the Amethyst Global configuration. For the sake of speed, Amethyst does not search every directory on every disk so if it fails to find any SDKs you may need to add them yourself.

How To Add Additional SDKs

To add more SDKs, go into Tools, Options, Projects and Solutions, Amethyst. Select Flex/SDK Path and click the [...] button. This pops up the SDK Selector dialog. Click Browse. Locate the top-level Flex SDK directory (e.g. C:\Flex4) and click OK to add it to the list.

Creating Or Importing Projects

When you create a new project, pick the SDK version you need and Amethyst will use a compatible SDK (assuming one is available).

When you import a project to a new location of create a project in its original location (using the Project Importer from the File/New menu) you may choose the SDK version to use.

Switching SDKs For The Current Project

If you need to switch to a different installed SDK, select Project, Properties, Application. Click the [...] button next to Selected SDK. Choose and SDK and click OK. You need to close and reopen the project for the update to occur.

If the new SDK is compatible with the previous one (e.g. a minor version the Flex SDK), the references will be updated automatically and the project will be ready to recompile.

If the new SDK is not compatible with the previous one (e.g. if you switch between major Flex SDK versions) you may a) need to ensure that your source code can be compiled with the new SDK and b) you may need to add any required SWC references in the Solution Explorer (click the References node to browse) or delete any that are no longer needed.

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