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New Ruby Code Colorscheme

A walk on the dark side
by Huw Collingbourne
Monday 20 September 2010.

We are pleased to bring you a user-submitted colour scheme. Thanks to Keith Gable for the WekeRoad Ink scheme for Ruby In Steel.

Keith tells us that his Ruby colors are based on WekeRoad Ink from with the font set to 10pt 9x18-ISO8859-1 (a port of the Linux/Unix font to Windows from The scheme is tested only with Ruby In Steel so there is no guarantee that it will look good with other languages such as C# or ActionScript, though the user can tailor the scheme to taste.

Note that Amethyst also comes with some color schemes which can be applied to ActionScript, MXML, C#, VB and Ruby. For more information on creating and editing color schemes see: Customize the Colours of the Ruby In Steel IDE and ActionScript Code Coloring.

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