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Flex/.NET integration with Amethyst and WebORB

Develop and Debug entirely in Visual Studio
by Huw Collingbourne
Monday 6 December 2010.

If you develop Flex apps that need to communicate with .NET you may be interested in a couple of tutorials which our friends at Midnight Coders have recorded.

These show how to create a single VS Solutions with both your Flex front end and your .NET services communicating using Amethyst 1.2 with its WebORB integration. You can try this out in the 60-day free trial period of Amethyst 1.2 RC2 from the Amethyst Release History page.

When the final version of Amethyst 1.2 is released in a couple of weeks, the Professional Edition will be licensed for $398 per developer with WebORB or $249 per developer without WebORB. Existing customers will have the option of upgrading to WebORB integration for $149.

You will also need the WebORB Community Edition or WebORB Enterprise Edition to deploy a WebORB-enabled application into production. WebORB Community Edition is free and is ideal for single-server deployments. WebORB Enterprise Edition has various licensing plans available depending upon the type of deployment. These plans are described here:

WebORB for .NET can be downloaded from Midnight Coders:

Amethyst integration with WebORB is incredibly powerful, especially if you need to debug between .NET and Flex (say C# code and ActionScript) since you can do this in a single debugging session.

The video above demos debugging. The one below explains the basics of Amethyst+WebORB integration:

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