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Amethyst - One Week Later

What people have been saying...
by Huw Collingbourne
Saturday 4 September 2010.

It’s been less than one week since Amethyst was launched and we are pleased to say that it has generated quite a bit of interest.

The launch, and our announcement of a technology partnership with Midnight Coders, has been covered everywhere from Infoworld and InfoQ to some of the more influential technology Blogs, as well as international sites such as Le Monde Informatique. Flash and Flex Developer’s Magazine also has two in-depth articles on Amethyst in this month’s issue.

For a more comprehensive guide to the press coverage of Amethyst, see the SapphireSteel Software forum.

I was especially pleased to read very favourable comments from some prominent Adobe people. We’ve always felt that Amethyst is a natural complement to Adobe’s own software. It brings Adobe technologies - Flash, Flex and AIR - into Visual Studio: an important IDE which has been something of an Adobe-free zone up to now. Amethyst also works in conjunction with Adobe’s own software, allowing Flash developers to do timeline-based work in the Flash IDE, for example, while programmers can work on the same codebase using Amethyst’s advanced editing and debugging features.

Here are what two Adobe evangelists had to say about Amethyst this week...

"If you are a Visual Studio user, Amethyst may be exactly what you need to bridge the worlds of Flash and .NET. On a personal note, I’ve been in regular contact with the SapphireSteel folks as Amethyst has evolved. This project, especially the Amethyst Designer, was an enormous undertaking on their part. And so to Huw Collingbourne and the crew at SapphireSteel, congratulations on reaching this milestone, and thank you for this important contribution to the Flash and Flex world."
Ben Forta (Adobe Director of Platform Evangelism)

"This is really great news for all the Visual Studio fans that want to do Flash/Flax development with their favorite IDE. Amethyst IDE brings really incredible feature set of Visual Studio to Flash/Flex world. I really love how it handles component AS3 in a separate file, I hope something similar was available out of the box with Flash Builder! Really, really incredible!"
Piotr Walczyszyn (Adobe Platform Evangelist)

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