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Amethyst Launch Announced

Date and price now confirmed
by Huw Collingbourne
Thursday 26 August 2010.

Amethyst Professional - Visual Flash Platform IDE for Visual Studio
Launch date: 30th August 2010

SapphireSteel Software announces the release of Amethyst, the Flex, Flash and ActionScript IDE for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and 2010. Amethyst Professional’s visual (drag-and-drop design) IDE for the Flash Platform - brings Flex, AIR, Flash and ActionScript development to Visual Studio.

Core Features...

Visual Design

- Drag&Drop design for Flex 3, Flex 4 and AIR
- ‘Round trip’ between Designer and code editor
- ‘Go Live’ mode lets users interact with controls in Designer
- Double-click control to create event-handlers (as in C# and VB)
- Integrates with Properties, Events and Styles palettes
- Layout toolbar to resize and align selected controls
- Align to grid or align to on-the-fly alignment bars
- Multi-level Undo/Redo (synchronized with code)

Code Editing

- Extended Code colouring (all VS standard colours + 76 more)
- Code folding (based on syntax and user-defined regions)
- Customizable code formatting (spacing, newlines, wrapping, indenting - 23 options)
- Supports standard VS editor options (split-windows, macros, indent/outdent etc.)


- Code completion for ActionScript and MXML
- Double-pane completion lists (Common/All)
- Parameter completion tooltips
- Go To Definition
- Find All References


- Rename identifiers (auto rename all references in project)
- Auto-generate getters/setters (‘encapsulate field’)
- Extract code into new method
- Extract interface
- Promote local variable to parameter
- Remove parameters
- Reorder parameters
- Move class to a new package
- Preview changes before refactoring


- Unique ‘Amethyst Cylon’ debugger fully integrated with VS
- Breakpoints (simple/conditional/on hit-count)
- Step into/over/out
- Multi-process debugging (debug multiple SWFs simultaneously)
- Debug windows: Watch, Locals, Autos
- Call Stack window with stack navigation
- Immediate Window for on-the-fly expression evaluation
- IntelliSense code completion in debug windows (e.g. Watch)
- Drill-down variable expansion in Watch window and code editor
- Run/Debug via file or server

Integrates With Adobe Tools

- Convert existing project ‘in place’
- Import existing project to new location
- Share project with Flash Builder or another IDE/editor
- Share project with the Flash IDE (CS3, CS4, CS5)
- Import Flex SDK for IntelliSense and code navigation

Other Tools

- Auto-expanding snippets with editable ‘replacement points’
- Snippet editor so user can easily create new snippets
- Support for VS Class View and Object Browser
- TODO comments listed in Task pane
- Support for user-defined ‘custom comments’ in task pane
- Publish-to-site project uploader
- Incremental compilation support
- Auto-versioning support
- Build automation (batch/command line support)
- Named build configurations
- Supports Team features such as Microsoft TeamServer

Pricing and Availability

Amethyst Professional sells for $249 USD. A free 60-day Trial is available. At the end of the Trial period, the software degrades to Amethyst Personal (a free, limited feature version of the software) unless a licence is purchased. Amethyst Professional will be available for purchase from 30th August, 2010.

More Information

- Amethyst Product Page
- Amethyst Features List
- Amethyst Tutorials

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  • Amethyst Launch Announced
    26 August 2010, by Joel

    Is there SVN support

    • Amethyst Launch Announced
      26 August 2010, by Huw Collingbourne

      It has no dedicated svn support but we believe it should work with, for example, ankh. It certainly works with TeamServer as that is what we use for our own work.

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