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Amethyst ’Edge’ release now available

Latest build of our Flash Platform IDE
by Huw Collingbourne
Thursday 23 September 2010.

SapphireSteel Software today launched the first post-launch ’edge’ release of Amethyst, the Flash Platform IDE for Visual Studio.

During the beta testing of Amethyst we regularly released ’edge’ builds between our major revisions in order to let us respond quickly to bug reports and feature requests from users. The first commercial release of Amethyst shipped at the end of August and we have decided to continue making edge releases between major ’point’ updates of the software.

Today’s edge release (Build ) adds one major new feature - configurable profiles for projects shared with the Adobe Flash (CS4/CS5) IDE. This can be found under Project/Properties. If you wish to try it out you should start by importing an existing XML profile (exported from the Flash IDE). You can then set options such as Debug/No Debug or add conditional compilation directives in the Amethyst Properties page.

Note: Edge releases are not as fully tested as formal ’point-update’ builds and should be regarded as experimental.

Downloads and more information from the Amethyst Release History Page.

As always, the official (pre-edge-release) version of Amethyst Professional is available on the Amethyst Download Page

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