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Amethyst 2 and iOS

going mobile
by Dermot Hogan
Wednesday 10 April 2013.

Unlike Android where you can get an Android emulator to run on a PC, you must have a Mac of some sort to run the iOS emulator on. Development can be done either on a PC or on the Mac itself – Parallels works very well in this respect.

Setting up an iOS project is very similar to an Android project. Both are contained within the same Visual Studio project and you can just select which one you want to use. However, because we are developing on a PC and deploying to a Mac, we need to do some extra work.

The main thing is that we need some way of copying and executing commands on the Mac from a PC. There are probably a couple of ways of doing this, but the simplest way we’ve found is to use the PuTTy SSH (secure shell) distribution ( ...). To use this, a couple of parameters need to be set so that files can be copied to the Mac and run there:

Fisrt of all, the Mac’s IP address must be defined along with a user name and password. For example,

SHH IP Address:

SSH User Name: huw

SSH Password: huw

The location of PuTTy must also be set (this is where plink.exe and pscp.exe are to be found)

SSH Program Folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTY

A ’remote folder’ also needs to be specified. This is just a working folder on the Mac where files can be copied into from the PC

SSH Remote Folder: airtest

Lastly, the Adobe ADT tool on the Mac needs to be given (this is used to package the SWF and load it into the iOS emulator, phone or tablet)

SSH ADT Command: /AdobeAIRSDK/bin/adt

In the project properties, we also need to set the location of the iOS SDK on the Mac


Here’s the iOS emulator displaying the ActionScript program

And here’s the corresponding Visual Studio breakpoint

Lastly, there’s one other very important thing to do - allow the Mac through your firewall! This took me some time to track down in Visual Studio 2012, the problem being that it all worked in Visual Studio 2010 (because I had done it a few months earlier), but Visual Studio 2012 being a different program, it has to be done again. Initially, I assumed that there was a bug in the Visual Studio 2012 code and spent some time trying to track this ’bug’ down. Eventually, the penny dropped and set the firewall. There’s nothing quite so difficult to fix as a bug that isn’t there!

This is a preview of the forthcoming version of Amethyst 2 – our ActionScript/Flash IDE for Visual Studio 2012 and 2010. If you buy Amethyst 1.0 for Visual Studio 2010 now you will be entitled to a free update to Amethyst 2 when it is released. See the Amethyst 2 announcement for more information.

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