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ActionScript in Action - new column in FFD Mag

And it’s free!
by Huw Collingbourne
Friday 1 October 2010.

In this month’s Flash&Flex Developer’s (FFD) Magazine you will find the first in my new series of columns on programming ActionScript.

FFD Magazine is a really great resource for anyone involved in developing applications using ActionScript and Flash with our without the Flex framework.

In my new series, I plan to cover a range of topics which will be relevant to users of all levels of expertise at ActionScript coding. In this month’s article, I look inside that most misunderstood of ActionScript classes: Object. At first glance, it looks pretty simple. A second glance will show you that it’s more complicated than it appears. In ActionScript the base Object class may contain an associative array which is a sort of ’hash’ or ’dictionary’ - a potentially large data structure of key-value pairs. My article explains the pros and cons of associative arrays. And in next month’s article I’ll start work on a library of routines to make the processing of keys and values a whole lot easier.

The magazine this month has many other articles too including: The Sothink SWF Decompiler, Visualizing your Data with BIRT and Flash, Monetizing Your web Game and many others. FFD Mag is a high quality PDF publication. It’s free and you can download a copy here:

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