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ActionScript and C# working together

New tutorial on using .NET with the Flash Platform
by Huw Collingbourne
Friday 17 December 2010.

One of Amethyst’s special features is its ability to integrate Flash and Flex projects into your .NET workflow.

This lets you...
- Create mixed-platform (.NET/Flash/Flex) Solutions
- Load ActionScript, MXML, C# or VB code in multiple editor windows
- In a single solution do drag-and-drop design for both Flex and .NET
- Drag your Flash Platform (SWF) programs onto .NET user interfaces
- Easily write and test .NET applications that communicate with Flash programs
- Debug Flash and .NET applications in a single debugging session

The most important and powerful of all these features is the Amethyst debugger. This lets you step out of C# code (for example) and into ActionScript code and back again so that you can debug ’both sides’ of a mixed-platform application quickly and easily.

For .NET developers, the integration of .NET with Flash provides a uniquely powerful workflow. You can design, edit and debug .NET and Flash Platform applications in a single, integrated environment. You never have to switch to a separate editor or IDE. Everything can be done inside Visual Studio.

I recently wrote a short tutorial to explain how to add SWFs to .NET forms. Today I uploaded a new tutorial to explain how to open channels of communication between .NET and Flash so that C# can call an ActionScript method and pass data to it - and vice versa.

- Read my new tutorial on Using Flash In .NET.

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