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Weird Error Messages?

Here’s the Fix...
by Huw Collingbourne
Thursday 31 August 2006.

We’ve had a couple of reports of a pretty inscrutable error message that sometimes pops up when people try to create a new project using Ruby In Steel 0.75.

This had us baffled for a while since it is not one of our error messages. After a bit of head-scratching and reinstalling of software, however, we finally tracked down the problem. This error occurs if you forget to install the Microsoft ‘project aggregator’ utility which is required for the complete integration of a third-party language into Visual Studio. In previous releases of Ruby In Steel, you had to install this before running the Ruby In Steel setup program itself. In the latest version (0.75), we wrote a new setup program which automatically installs the project aggregator.

In brief: To install Ruby In Steel, run Setup.exe. If you do so, you should not encounter this problem.

However, it seems that some people have been bypassing the setup program and installing the software by running the file named RubyInSteel.msi. That’s when this problem occurs.

If you experience this problem, there is a simple fix. Shut down Visual Studio, run the file ProjectAggregator2.msi, which we supply in the installation Zip archive. Then restart Visual Studio. All should now be well.

We’ll try to find a way of ensuring that this problem can’t arise in future releases. For now, though, please remember that setup.exe is the file you need to run when installing Ruby In Steel :-)

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  • Weird Error Messages?
    23 September 2006, by bamboowave

    We encountered this message, almost giving up, but we felt the product was worth persevering with and luckily found this page and the answer to our weird error.

    Perhaps you should make this "feature" very clear so you don’t avoid losing potential users of what could evolve into a great product.

    I’m going to email the CodeRush guys, see if they can do something for Ruby.

    Great work.

    • Weird Error Messages?
      23 September 2006, by Huw

      Setup.exe will be more obvious (big Ruby icon) in the next release and the msi programs are renamed to make them (I hope) less obvious, so, with luck, this will overcome the possibility of confusion.

      best wishes


  • Weird Error Messages?
    17 September 2006

    I get errors when I use RubyInSteel whit non-admin user cause the .log files are located in the ProgramFiles folder where non-admin user has read-only access

    • Weird Error Messages?
      17 September 2006, by Dermot

      Thanks for pointing that out. Yes - it will cause problems under those circumstances

      We’ll fix it in the next release.


  • Weird Error Messages?
    13 September 2006

    FWIW, I read the instructions to run the setup.exe, and intended to do so, but looking back now I might have run the setup.msi. One thing that might help is to rename the msi to something more different, like SteelSetup.msi. As it is, having two files makes it more error prone.

    • Weird Error Messages?
      13 September 2006, by Huw

      I am currently in the process of rewriting the setup program. In the next release the msi file will be renamed, the setup.exe program will have a big red Ruby icon to set it clearly apart from the others - and I’m also trying to add more meaningful messages to trap and explain any possible errors. It’s actually quite difficult to work out which errors are possible - missing files, missing Visual Studio, wrong paths, unsupported versions of VS, the .NET framework missing, wrong version of .NET, Ruby In Steel already installed, VS currently running etc. etc.) - and this is made all the more difficult by the fact that every time I make a change to the Setup code I have to test it by a) uninstalling the existing version of Ruby In Steel, b) recompiling the new setup program, then c) reinstalling it on various differently configured test PCs. It’s a slow business that takes up a lot of time which, deep down inside, I must confess that I’d rather be spending on coding Steel ;-). However, while it’s not the most fascinating programming task I’ve ever done, we realise that getting the Setup right is just as important as getting the core functionality of Steel right. Nevertheless, in spite of all the rewrites, I am sure I’ll forget to trap some error conditions - so please keep any reports coming in to help to diagnose any potential problems...

      best wishes


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