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Warning - Little Book Of Ruby, Unauthorized Copies

Don’t buy it!
by Huw Collingbourne
Monday 29 June 2009.

It has come to my attention that at least one bookseller on the Internet is offering for sale printed copies of my book, The Little Book Of Ruby. These copies have not been authorized by me. Do not buy them!

The bizarre thing is that an unauthorized copy will set you back about $66 (40), and yet, as an eBook, The Little Book Of Ruby is Free! You can get a copy for $0 and, if you really want to print it out you can do so on your own printer. What you cannot do - what I do not permit you to do - is to bind your printouts and sell them. Anyone is welcome to make their own personal copy of The Little Book of Ruby for no cost whatsoever. But you are not allowed to sell it.

Incidentally, The Little book of Ruby only has 87 pages but if you want an even better bargain, you can get its big brother The Book Of Ruby, with well over 400 pages, at the same price - i.e. free. Once again, you may give away copies of the unmodified eBook but you are not allowed to charge for it. You may also print out copies for your personal use but you are not allowed to charge for those either.

Do not, in any circumstances, be tempted to buy a copy of one of these eBooks. We do not print them ourselves and we do not authorize anyone else to print them. Moreover, we specifically do not allow anyone to sell them. I did the work in writing them and I chose not to make a profit from selling them. Perhaps you can understand why I object when someone else makes a profit instead...!

Download pages:
- The Little Book Of Ruby
- The Book Of Ruby

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  • Warning - Little Book Of Ruby, Unauthorized Copies
    29 June 2009, by grant

    Seems like the market is sending you a message. Send all the profits to charity if you feel you must not profit from this material.

    • Warning - Little Book Of Ruby, Unauthorized Copies
      30 June 2009, by Huw Collingbourne

      I’ll think about the possibility of doing printed versions... ;-)

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