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Visual Studio and Flex - Amethyst News

This is just a quick update on the progress of our Flex IDE, Amethyst.
by Huw Collingbourne
Monday 13 April 2009.

We are working hard towards the next beta at the moment (no, we didn’t take Easter off). The main additions to this will be the completely redesigned Project Property pages and ActionScript refactoring.

As I’ve said before, the Property Pages in the current beta of Amethyst (beta 4) leave much to be desired. They contain a huge number of compiler and build options which are, frankly, cluttered and hard to use. Beta 5 will have new tabbed property pages (currently we have six tabs of properties - see the latest screenshot below), much like those available in C#. These will, I think, make the whole process of navigating and setting properties much simpler.

But the really exciting stuff in beta 5 is the refactoring. My colleague, Dermot Hogan, is in change of our refactoring project and he’s been doing some great work. I won’t go into any detail here as plans to go through some of the latest refactoring features in more blog articles later in the week.

More news shortly...

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