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Visual Ruby On Rails - News Digest, August 2007

The Ruby Connector, Consoles and .NET...
by Huw Collingbourne
Sunday 5 August 2007.

Here’s this month’s roundup of some of the main things that have been going on relating to Ruby In Steel during the past four weeks...

- The Ruby Connector (first beta) was released to registered users. Amongst other things, this lets you create visual front ends to your Ruby programs using the Visual Studio form designer.
- We showed an example of using the Ruby Connector with VB .NET and also with Chrome - the excellent .NET implementation of Object Pascal from Rem Objects.
- We gave the first details of two projects that we’ll be working on in 2008 - Amethyst will extend the IDE while Sapphire will be aimed at .NET development.
- Meanwhile, Microsoft released an early version of its .NET version of Ruby, IronRuby, which, suffice to say, is a project we’ll be watching closely.

Meanwhile, what’s been happening with the development of the Visual Rails Workbench - which will be at the heart of our next upgrade - Ruby In Steel 1.2?

The answer is: quite a lot. This month, we’ve been hard at work on some new Rails navigation tools. And for lovers of Consoles, we’ll shortly giving details of a whole new batch of them which should make interacting with Rails and Ruby applications and scripts much faster and more convenient than ever before. Keep reading the Blog as Dermot will be providing more details of the Visual Rails Workbench this month...

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