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Visual Rails Workbench Public Beta Now Available

Test Drive Ruby In Steel 1.2 Now!
by Huw Collingbourne
Wednesday 2 April 2008.

SapphireSteel Software has today released the third beta version of Ruby In Steel Developer 1.2 for general availability. This includes our unique ‘Visual Rails Workbench’ - a drag-and-drop visual design environment for Rails applications.

Other major features of Ruby In Steel 1.2 include a substantially enhanced version of the ultra-fast ‘Cylon’ debugger which now has conditional breakpoints, tracepoints and dynamic debugging.

Note that this beta does not include any documentation of the new features. We are currently working on an update to the manual and the integrated help system to provide a comprehensive reference and tutorials in time for the final release. There are, however, a great many articles describing most of the new features of Ruby In Steel 1.2 here on the Blog.

We strongly advise users to read the online articles before using this beta. The online resources are listed HERE.

At the very least you should be sure to read A Brief Guide To The Visual Rails Workbench, noting in particular the section explaining how to Enable The Visual Rails Workbench.

This is a late beta and we believe it to be pretty stable. Nevertheless, it is a beta and there may still be some features that do not work correctly. If you discover any problems, please report them to SapphireSteel support via the Contacts page.

We are providing three downloads of Ruby In Steel 1.2 beta 3 - two lightweight downloads of Ruby In Steel alone for users who already have Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 (standard or above) and either have a working installation of Ruby (and, optionally Rails) or who plan to install those manually; plus the All-In-One-Installer which lets you install (optionally) Ruby, Rails (1 or 2), MySQL, a free Ruby edition of Visual Studio 2008 and Ruby In Steel Developer for Visual Studio 2008. Be sure to read the PDF installation guide which is supplied with the download.

[Beta now ended - download links removed. Please download software from the regular Download page]

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