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Visual Basic Talks Ruby Too!

A Quick Preview of VB.NET With The Ruby Connector
by Huw Collingbourne
Monday 9 July 2007.

Someone mentioned to me that I’ve been awfully C#-centric in my articles about the Ruby Connector. Sorry about that. It just happens that, these days, when not writing in Ruby I am most likely to be writing in C#.

Even so, on the .NET side of the connection, the Ruby Connector is language-neutral. If you want to design a visual user interface in VB but do most of the coding in Ruby, you can do that just as easily as you can in C#. I’m currently writing a little sample program in VB .NET to illustrate this. The screenshot above shows the C# version of the code in the bottom window and my VB ‘translation’ in the top window. As you can see, you can make use of the usual IntelliSense features to provide code completion for the Ruby Connector. Naturally, you can also make full use of the VB form designer too.

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The Ruby Connector is one of the features that will be provided with Ruby In Steel 1.2
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