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This ’ere is Ruby Country!

Even on a day out, we can’t get away from Ruby...
by Huw Collingbourne
Saturday 3 June 2006.

We’re in the last stages of testing and debugging Ruby In Steel 0.6 at the moment. But, hey! the sun was shining, the birds were singing and so, yesterday, we decided to take a day off to explore the countryside...

But, no matter where we go, it seems we just can’t get away from Ruby. Here’s a photograph to prove it. This is Steel lead developer, Dermot Hogan, on a forest walk close to the Sapphire In Steel offices here in Devon, South-west England. Well, we hadn’t realised that the Forestry Commission took a keen interest in programming. Anyway, it’s nice to know that they are as keen on Ruby as we are.

Ah well, the sun is still shining, the birds are still singing, but here we are once again, back indoors, crouched over our PCs, slaving away over the next version of Steel. Coming your way soon, folks...

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