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The Rails Drag and Drop Designer

New tutorial movie
by Huw Collingbourne
Saturday 3 May 2008.

I’ve just put online another short (5 minute) movie that shows a simple step-by-step example of how to design HTML pages for your Rails applications just by dragging and dropping controls from the Toolbox into a web page.

There are examples of two controls in this movie:
- 1) an image. I show how you can use a trick of the Visual Rails Workbench to ensure that your image paths are correct both at design-time and runtime.
- 2) a model-aware text field. I show how you can drag a control into a page and ‘wire it up’ to a field in the database table.

This is the third in a series of short tutorial screencasts. View it HERE or visit the Movies Page to watch them all.

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  • The Rails Drag and Drop Designer
    3 May 2008, by Jeremy McAnally

    Is designer functionality available for Ruby GUI apps yet?

    • The Rails Drag and Drop Designer
      3 May 2008, by Huw Collingbourne

      Currently we have:
      - The Visual Rails Workbench (drag+drop designer for Rails)
      - IronRuby IDE with Form Designer (alpha - supports the in-development release of MS IronRuby)
      - The Ruby Connector (supports .NET languages - including form design - running simultaneously with Ruby)

      In terms of visual design support, these are all that we have thus far announced ;-)

      best wishes


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