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The Best Ruby IDE For Windows

…yup, that’s surely what we are aiming for!
by Huw Collingbourne
Sunday 19 November 2006.

OK, now I’ve got your attention, I thought you might like to know just where we are up to in the developments of Ruby In Steel. We have news on both the free Personal Edition and the commercial Developer edition. Let’s start off with our free Ruby IDE…

Ruby In Steel – Personal

We are drawing near to the final release of this software. This will have all the features available in our current version, 0.76, (Download Here) plus a few improvements (for example, to Project importing and synchronizing) and bug fixes. As we’ve always promised, the Personal Edition is now and always will be completely free (with no funny restrictions on what you may or may not do – it’s yours to do with as you will). Ruby In Steel PE has a good set of editing and debugging features which compare well, I think, with the features provided by rival Ruby and Rails IDEs. Expect the final release of Ruby In Steel Personal before the end of 2006.

Ruby In Steel – Developer

This too is entering the final phase of development. The Developer Edition (code name ‘Red Fire’) has a variety of features in addition to those of the Personal Edition (see the Feature List ). The two real biggies are the ultra-fast ‘Cylon’ debugger and IntelliSense. Our IntelliSense has come a long way since we first started work on it. In our current ‘in house’ beta we now have code completion lists that are sensitive to the scope and context of objects, classes and modules. While there are a few other Ruby IDEs that offer code-completion, to the best of our knowledge, no other Ruby IDE offers IntelliSense that rivals the ‘intelligent inference’ and contextual capabilities of Ruby In Steel Developer. We currently have a limited access beta group which is putting the pre-release of the Developer Edition through its paces. At the moment our beta testers have Red Fire version 0.8. Later this month they’ll move onto 0.85 (which has numerous IntelliSense improvements). In December, they’ll be testing 0.9 (the Cylon debugger) and we aim to get 0.95 out for testing shortly thereafter. This will be our last beta and will be a feature-complete pre-release of the final software. Expect the release of Ruby In Steel Developer in January 2007.

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