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The Amethyst Flex ’Live’ Designer

A preview of the forthcoming ’edge’ release
by Huw Collingbourne
Tuesday 2 February 2010.

Later this month we’ll be releasing the next ‘edge’ release of our Flash Platform IDE, Amethyst. Our ‘edge’ releases are like mini-betas in which features that are in development are released between our major betas. Download details of the latest edge releases are found in the forum.

There will be a few significant additions to the Amethyst Designer - our drag-and-drop user interface layout workplace - in the next edge release. The two most obvious of these are the addition of ‘styles’ and the first public release of the Amethyst ‘Go Live’ Design Mode.

You will be able to apply styles by making selections from the Styles palette (in the same tabbed window as the Properties palette):

This makes it a simple matter to transform a plain design like this...

Into a styled design like this...

Some styles, such text fonts and button rollover colours aren’t normally visible in the Designer. However, our new ‘Go Live’ mode actives the controls to let you interact with them just as you would in a running application. Just pick ‘Go Live’ from the right-click mouse menu...

And suddenly you can enter text, click radio buttons and test out rollovers...

When you’ve finished, disable ‘Go Live’ mode and you are back in the normal design mode so that you can carry on adding, moving, aligning and resizing controls until you are ready to ‘Go Live’ again to test them out...

I’ve recorded a short video to show styles and ;’Go Live’ in action. For best video quality, click the link below to watch it in High definition mode (or full screen) on You Tube:

Alternatively, watch the low definition version below:

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