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Steel 0.7 Available - Now On Rails!

Rails Project and Database Management in Steel
by Huw Collingbourne
Monday 10 July 2006.

The latest version of Steel includes a large number of Rails development tools including an integrated Project Manager, database management tools, rhtml colouring, script utilities and much more besides...

Go to the Download Page to download Steel 0.7. Be sure to check the On Site Documentation for a guide to installing, editing, Ruby debugging and Rails development.

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  • Steel 0.7 Available - Now On Rails!
    17 July 2006, by Drazen Dotlic

    This is just great! I used to use Eclipse and Ruby plugins but I feel so much more at home in Visual Studio... Great work guys - Windows developers definitely need something like this. Adding a bit of Rails functionality rocks - Rails is THE "app" that helped popularize Ruby.

    Keep up the good work and thanks again!

    • Steel 0.7 Available - Now On Rails!
      20 July 2006

      I installed Steel 0.7, but it failed to create a new Steel project when I choose select "File, New, Project... Ruby Project". The VS Studio gave me a prompt: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: type. I tried it several times, got same error.

      My environment: OS: Windows XP SP2 Visual Studio 2005, Ruby 1.8.4



      • Steel 0.7 Available - Now On Rails!
        20 July 2006, by Huw

        This sounds as though you haven’t installed ProjectAggregator2.msi. This is a Microsoft program that required for installing Ruby In Steel. You’ll find the file in the installation Zip. Step-by-step installation instructions can be found online here:

        I hope that fixes your problem ;-)

        best wishes


        • Steel 0.7 Available - Now On Rails!
          4 August 2006

          hello , i am not able to create any rail project , it gives message "make rails files failed -exit code=1" what shod i do now

  • Steel 0.7 Available - Now On Rails!
    11 July 2006

    You guys are good. 0.7 is right on time...

    Ok, here are the first few issues:

    1. Why is the build "building" migration files and schema.rb? 2. After a build, it breaks in one of my migrations and complains about an uninitialized constant ActiveRecord

    class BuildoutEvents < ActiveRecord::Migration <-------------------

    3. How do I prevent _svn folders from being included in the project?

    Thanks, and good job


    • Steel 0.7 Available - Now On Rails!
      11 July 2006, by Dermot

      All .rb files are marked with a BuldAction of ’Ruby’ whch means that the MSBuild system will run them through the syntax check when you Build. If you want to stop this, set the BuildAction on the file to ’None’.

      The system that incorporates existing files into a Rails project isn’t very intelligent about what is sucks in right now (you can import your entire hard drive if you want - I accidentally did something similar). We’ll be making some modifications to the way it works based on feedback and bug reports in a mini-release in a few weeks time. We’ll issue an updated roadmap shortly.

      I’ll add a filter to the Rails project import window that will let you filter out (or include) junk files. I’ll also add a preview with a confirm/cancel so that you can see what you’ll be hauling in.

      Huw is having a look at Migration - I’ll incorporate his comments when he’s done.

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