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SD Times Reviews Ruby In Steel

Ruby In Steel and Komodo
by Huw Collingbourne
Monday 26 March 2007.

There is an interesting critique of Ruby In Steel and ActiveState’s Komodo by Larry O’Brien in SD (Software Development) Times.

He rightly criticises a few things in the early release of Ruby In Steel such as a glitch in variable expansion in the debugger, the fact that the interactive Console wasn’t displayed by default and that the fast Cylon debugger only worked with the LightTPD server. I’m happy to report that all these limitations are fixed in the current release and we now have built-in support for both the WEBrick and Mongrel servers in addition to LightTPD. In spite of those criticisms, however, I’m pleased to see that, overall, Larry seems to like Ruby In Steel. Here’s a little of what he has to say:

Ruby in Steel’s superior implementation of code completion, navigation and dialogs for Rails, Gems and Rake combine with Visual Studio’s project-oriented model to create a compelling system for larger-scale Ruby development, especially Rails-based…

…Those with a Visual Studio background will be pleased with the strong rookie that is SapphireSteel’s Ruby in Steel.

Read the full review on SD Times.

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