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RubyInstaller now includes The Book Of Ruby

Updated Windows installer
by Huw Collingbourne
Friday 21 August 2009.

SapphireSteel Software is pleased to be able to support the excellent work being done by the people maintaining and updating the RubyInstaller for Windows.

The latest version of the RubyInstaller (preview 2), which has just been released, now includes a copy of our in-depth Ruby programming eBook, The Book Of Ruby. You can download the RubyInstaller from and you can read some more information about it here:

The RubyInstaller aims to provide users with an easily installed version of Ruby and an up-to-date collection of Ruby programming tools and documentation. Note that users of our Ruby In Steel IDE also have the option of installing Ruby and Rails using our own All-in-One installer which includes a free ‘Shell’ edition of Visual Studio but does not have all the same range of other options and components provided by the RubyInstaller.

Anything that makes Ruby easier to set up on Windows is very welcomed. This is great work by the RubyInstaller team. Be sure to give them your support!

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