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Ruby Snippets : The Director’s Cut

another day, another movie...
by Huw Collingbourne
Saturday 3 February 2007.

Hitchcock, Peter Jackson, Cecil B. DeMille, hah! Eat your hearts out! Once again, SapphireSteel Studios brings to the screen a tale full of passion, action, lust and frenzy. Yes, following the phenomenal success of our Interactive Console Movie we have now released the movie version of the story they said was too big to be filmed - Snippets!

OK, OK, so maybe I’m letting this go to my head. However, having written, directed and starred in two movies in two days, is it any wonder I’m starting to gibber? So, while I go off and prepare my Oscar acceptance speech, I’ll leave you to watch my latest blockbuster...

Watch The Video (about 3 and a half minutes)
Snippets - The Movie

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